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Face Q Luffa + Adlay Mask Review

Face Q Luffa + Adlay Mask 6

I’ve been reviewing a few of the various Face Q Facial Sheet Masks out there. Anyone try them yet?

This is a range of masks made by the same company as My Beauty Diary. I admit I was attracted by the cute boxes prior to really concentrating on the formula of the masks but kawaii packaging aside I have to say I really like a few of them!

Here’s a review of the Face Q Luffa + Adlay Mask!



Etude House Aloha Water Veil Fixer Mist Review

Etude House Aloha Water Veil Fixer Mist 1

I love facial mists particularly in the Summer when I’m misting myself madly to rehydrate my skin and cool it off! I have any number of facial mists but I’m chronically purchasing new ones since I use them so often it’s good to keep a extra stash of ‘em laying hanging around.

Etude House’s Summer 2011 Collection has a new facial mist available which is a refreshing little pick me up that quite reminds me of ones from the Skin Food!

Let’s take a peek at it!


Biore Makeup Remover for Eyes and Lips Review

Biore Makeup Remover for Eyes and Lips 1

I love Lancome Bi-Facil with such a passion but damyum why is it so expensive? Ouchie! I used to use Sephora’s Eye Makeup Remover since it was cheap and easy to get however I’ve since moved on to Biore Makeup Remover for Eyes and Lips thanks to it being so easy to come by here in the US.

It’s produced for the Japanese market but it’s pretty much available in many Asian countries and the US in smaller Asian beauty shops plus it’s fairly cheap around here for around $6-$7.

Let’s take a look!


Sleek MakeUp Pout Paint

Sleek MakeUp Pout Paint

Think the best of both lip worlds when you think of the new Sleek Makeup Pout Paint launching late this Summer!

Lipgloss, lipstick, and something a little extra! That’s Sleek Makeup Pout Paint.

Check it!


Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss Review, Swatches, Photos

Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss 1

You have to give Etude House props for its great Engrish naming of products. It’s new Aloha Two Two Kiss is so damn original, heavy sarcasm. But Lord knows, I absolutely love them for those cute names that just don’t quite translate correctly in English….!

As you know from a few of my prior posts Korean brand, Etude House took to Hawaii this year for its Summer Collection.

Here’s a look at the Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss Tints.