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Review: Steam Cream Spring 2011 Tins

Steam Cream 2

Steam Cream 3

In 2009, I purchased my first tins of Steam Cream and proceeded to fall in love. I contacted the company and quickly arranged an interview with them because I seriously wanted to explore all things Steam Cream and bring it back to readers!

Today I thought I’d repost that review and interview but before I do allow me to introduce you to the brand new tin line up for Spring 2011.

Steam Cream 4

Steam Cream 8

Steam Cream 9

Steam Cream 7

Steam Cream 6

Steam Cream 5

Take a look and do read the review from early 2009 after the jump if you’re interested!


Love the Shimmer of Coffret D’Or’s Fluffy Shine Eyes


Holika Holika Hand Warmer Moisture Hand Cream Review

Holika Holika Hand Warmer Moisture Hand Cream 2

Holika Holika introduced its Hand Warmer Moisture Hand Cream over the holidays. The packaging and the name kinda threw me as I thought maybe it would literally warm hands up so I got a few of them to tuck into my sister’s stocking as she’s always pissing and moaning about cold hands and feet.

Sadly, it doesn’t actually heat up hands and proved to be just a basic hand cream!

Let’s take a look!


Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm Review, Swatches, Photos

Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm 2

Being an avid collector of Asian cosmetics I can honestly say that I probably have enough fruit shaped makeup products that should the zombie plague happen, I can depend on these products as my fresh produce.

Seriously, I’m going to start making fruit baskets for friends with this stuff.

Gawd, I can’t take the cuteness! Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balms are shaped like tiny little blueberries and cherries, see the appeal?



IsaDora Jungle Fever Summer 2011

IsaDora Jungle Fever Summer Collection 2011

Absolutely adore IsaDora but more often than not it proves damn difficult to locate! Walgreens used to stock it but they diced it a while back ago.

Cosmetic Mall is lovely enough to have an entire catalog’s worth of the brand but some of the LE items are always iffy to find.

However, I still enjoy each of their releases and the hunt of finding them, well, it’s a worthy punishment since the brand is so ace.

Let’s take a look at the IsaDora Jungle Fever Summer 2011 Collection!