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Hadalabo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask Review

Hadalabo Tokyo Facial Mask

Hadalabo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask ($14.99) are now available in the US. One of my favorite Japanese Sheet Masks, I prefer Koreans ones, are Hada Labo Shirojyun Masks! I was terribly excited when I found out that Hadalabo’s permanent collection as well as their US exclusive collection from the Tokyo line was now available in the US and you can shop it at Ulta,, or even at!

Needless to say what the world needs now is more sheet masks that can be easily found at your local Ulta because lord knows our beauty market is sadly lacking ‘em!

I use sheet masks often (like three to four times a week) to add not only much needed moisture to my skin but also to keep my skin looking bright and healthy.

Let’s see how Hadalabo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask weight in!


Etude House Princess Makeup Table Review

Etude House Princess Makeup Table 7

The Etude House Princess Makeup Table I recently purchased is one of those items that leaves me wondering, “Did I really need this?” I’m a child at heart so needless to say when I saw the Etude House Princess Makeup Table I had a little SQUEE moment! They recently released this with the Etude House Princess Happy Ending Collection and I instantly had to have it. So, I had a very good friend of mine in Korea pick it up for me.

It’s kinda expensive if you’re grabbing it from friends/family or if you’re going the online route for a purchase from say E-bay. Reason being is the shipping kinda kills ya here. I believe it set me back like $12 or so dollars but with shipping it came out to more like $30.

Absurd? Probably since it is kinda a childish makeup organizer AND it’s plastic AND it’s not very sturdy AND I actually already have a very good 360 degree spinning organizer from Lori Greiner that Pursebuzz gifted to me for Christmas a few years ago!

But the heart wants what the heart wants….!


Miguhara B.P. Cream Review & Swatches

Memebox X Coffeebreak with Dani 30

Miguhara B.P. Cream is something I received recently in a Super Memebox! The Memebox was actually $23 so I was a little skeptical about the contents at first and whether or not the box was actually worth the shipping plus the price. Too many beauty boxes I’ve seen cost a good deal and you end up with deluxe size samples. The Miguhara B.P. Cream is actually full size however, Korean beauty and skincare is relatively cheap and you can get quality beauty products for around $5-$15 within Korean.


I wasn’t sure that the Memebox purchase would actually be worth the actual contents.

I’ve never actually tried Miguhara, nor have I done research on the brand. As an avid Korean and Asian beauty fan I was surprised the brand never crossed my regard. After doing a little research I was quite shocked that this full size tube is $36! My Memebox was filled with seven full size products so this product along took care of almost the entire cost of the box which was $23. Interesting!

Anyway, now that I analyzed cost.

Let’s take a look at Miguhara B.P. Cream!


MUA Makeup Academy Color Intense Lipstick Review & Swatches

MUA Makeup Academy Color Intense Lipstick

MUA Makeup Academy Color Intense Lipstick is one of several new lipstick formulas that’s available exclusively at CVS and this Fall with the new MUA Makeup Academy Collection.

Yes, it is indeed the MUA brand you know and love from the UK! However, this collection was created exclusively for the US release at CVS so many of the products you’ll be seeing are new and haven’t been available from the UK line.

Let’s take a look at the MUA Makeup Academy Color Intense Lipstick.


La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Cream SPF 30 Launches

La Roche Posay Rosaliac CC Cream

La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Cream SPF 30 ($38.99) is a new tone correcting CC Cream that’s launching for Fall 2013 that adds instant coverage to skin with long term skin correcting benefits.

Take a look!