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The Skin Food Creamy Cheese Mask Review

If you told me last month I’d be smearing cheese all over my face and loving it, I’d probably have called you a liar.

You see, the Muse hates cheese.

Unless it’s melted I’m not eating it. I have alot of food quirks and cheese happens to be one. My x-boyfriend would tell you that the sun, moon, earth, and stars revolve around a slab of cheese but I have no such feelings for the stuff and would happily do without. Mind you I like grilled cheese and I like pizza but that’s all melted….the moral of this story is I will NOT eat cheese unless it’s been melted.

This is the story of my life.


Cheese not being in my top ten list as it is you could imagine my horror when I came across The Skin Food Creamy Cheese Mask. Does that sound down right disgusting? Simply rancid! Who wants to go around smearing cheese on their face?!

I’ve no idea how I talked myself into it being a good idea to purchase this but purchase it I did and it changed my idea of cheese forever.



The Skin Food Fresh Juice C Cream Review

Note to self:

Dear self,

You so do not need more skin care products, try to refrain.

Your self.

P.S. You are SO gorgeous!

Helpful hint: Whenever you’re writing to yourself remember to boost your ego with tons of kind compliments, even if they aren’t true.

I’ve tossed in my The Skin Food Lettuce and Cucumber Collection while I test out The Skin Food Fresh Juice C Collection. What? I have no shame! I’d cheat on my own husband (if I had one) for another skincare product if I had to!



The Skin Food Lettuce and Cucumber Water Mist Review

The Skin Food Lettuce and Cucumber Collection has wormed it’s way into my heart these past few months and it’s pretty much my staple skin care product of choice lately.

I’ve eagerly collected each piece offered from the collection since it makes my face do the happy skin care dance, you know that dance right? The one you do when you discovered the perfect combination of products to make you have a good skin day, everyday.

I recently hauled the The Skin Food Lettuce and Cucumber Water Mist which is quite nice but has it’s downfall.



The Skin Food Black Sugar Cleansing Oil Review

Oh Imma a love Skin Food Black Sugar Cleansing Oil! It smells like Fresh Lemon Sugar perfume! I know some folk aren’t keen on scented cleansers and skincare but part of it’s appeal is definitely the lovely scent.

Take a little jump to check it!


Reader’s Request: Skin Food Lemon Pack Wash Off Mask Review

I have a thing for lemons. I really like the tart scent of a lemon. It’s a little fruity, a hint of sweetness, but for the most part it’s tart and shiny. I likey the tart part!

Jump ahead to hear about the Skin Food Lemon Pack Wash Off Mask.