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BeautyDIY Spearmint Oil-Cut Triple Hydrating Icy Gel Review

Beauty Diy Spearmint Oli Cut Triple Hydrating Icy Gel 3

Just for the record, I’m pretty crazy about mint.  I like it in my shampoo, and my toothpaste, and my shower gel, and now I even like it in my skincare.

Mint and me are close.

A little more discussion about the joys of minty fresh skin care lay ahead!

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Beauty Most Unusual: Cat Fur (For Your Cat?)

Cat Fur Beauty Unusual 1

I love Asia, I love Asians, I love Asian culture (you won’t find a person that appreciates it more than me!) but even I can admit that some of the products that come out of Asia have me wondering to myself, WTH!?



BeautyMate Nourishing and Brightening Nano Mask Review

OMG Dudes! You so need to haul cheap as chips BeautyMate Facial Masks!

Beautymate Facial Masks 1

They rock!



My Beauty Diary One Week Package Mask Set and My Beauty Diary All In One Limited Edition Package

My Beauty Diary Limited Edition

You know their is one ring to rule them all but in the terms of My Beauty Diary masks, it seems their is one mask to rule them all at the moment on Musings. My Beauty Diary is fast becoming a hot topic over here at Musings headquarters aka my messy desk.

Wanna try ‘em for a few days before deciding to invest in a full box?

Check it!


My Beauty Diary Brightening Mask Set and My Beauty Diary Brightening Mask Set Review

When I was 12 or so I kept a diary. I remember it was a small pink Hello Kitty Diary with a lock and key. Of course, I wrote everything that was of great import in my life at the time in it. At 12 I imagine it was some serious stuff. When I was 18 or so I recall reading back into it and smiling at the babblings of my 12 year old self. Granted, I had to literally splice open the journal to get inside because lord knows where I put the bloody key and honestly why I wanted to lock away any of those babblings is beyond me.

I’ve since grown up and in some ways my diary has become Musings of a Muse but I guess the closest I get to an actual diary these days are My Beauty Diary Masks.

My Beauty Diary Masks 5

My Beauty Diary Masks 1