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Poise Daily Freshness Panty Fresheners Review

Poise Daily Freshness Panty Fresheners

You asked for it and I deliver today with a review of the Poise Daily Freshness Panty Fresheners we had a little fun with last week. What? Did you really think I wouldn’t explore these for myself?! I needed to find out for myself what Panty Fresheners were all about!

I couldn’t resist plus I got so many emails after doing my post on these asking me to review them my mind boggled a little bit.

So here are my thoughts…


Beauty Most Unusual: Blood Facial

Kim Kardashian Blood Facial

Kim Kardashian had a Blood Facial recently. Yeah, you read that right, a blood facial! This is where everyone runs around and says WTF!?!?!?!?!

I want to take the high road and say I’m going to age gracefully one day. But as I get older I realize maybe…that’s not quite true….I’m not sure if I’d have any major surgery to preserve my youth but I kinda sorta see already how obsessed I am with keeping it in excellent condition so who’s to say how extreme I’d go in ten years from now or even twenty when fine lines start creeping up.

I know I’d probably NOT have a blood facial.


Beauty Most Unusual!


Beauty Most Unusual: Now You’re Cooking With Pam!

I’m a not nail girl but I’m pretty sure you….


Beauty Most Unusual: Pizza Hut Perfume

When you’ve done the devil’s deal with Burger King Perfume I’d say Pizza Hut Perfume is a cake walk.

Yeah, flamed broiled beef is the order of business with Burger King’s Fragrance but what does Eau de Pizza Hut smell like anyway?


Beauty Most Unusual: Bath & Body Works Chocolate Bacon Cupcake

Yeah, it’s true! Bath & Body Works was going to release a Chocolate Bacon Cupcake for Fall. It was released in the test stores but never made it officially to the Fall launch.


Chocolate and bacon……! Mmmmm! Not really that sounds disgusting.


Or would you buy it?

Damn shame as they had some great scents lined up for Fall but none made it to the master line. However, people are selling all of these, including the Chocolate Bacon Cupcake, on Evil-Bay.

Test Scents:

  • Chocolate Bacon Cupcake
  • Roasted Pumpkin Butter
  • Blueberry Pumpkin Patch
  • Farm Apple Cookie
  • Toffee Glazed Popcorn

Whatcha think?

Would you buy bacon chocolate anything?

When I was in Maine last year my friend and I came across a store selling strips of chocolate covered bacon. Needless to say he was in hog heaven literally. As for me I don’t like bacon to begin with and covering it in chocolate makes it even less appealing!

Gag me!