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Beauty Most Unusual: Pageant Mom Gives Botox to Her 8 Year Old Daughter

Those crazy pageant moms…

They’ll do just about anything to win. We discussed a child getting a wax treatment recently which was appalling however check out this pageant mom who gives her daughter Botox…

The worst part? The kid actually expresses that she wanted the botox!

What is the world coming to?

Moms, it’s not ok to give your little daughter Botox k? Even if she wants it.


A Most Favored Beauty Most Unusual Post

Baby Foot is a popular epidemic that has swept the Asian market. It’s basically a system that you use to make your feet smoother by the way of a peeling effect. Reader’s have viewed my post for Baby Foot over 10,000 since I originally posted in back in 2009!

I guess alot of folks are into foot peeling!

In honor of the huge response to the post, I’m reposting it today for you to enjoy again or if you’re new you’re in for a treat.

Please put down your food and drink prior to jumping ahead though…it’s kinda gross.


Beauty Most Unusual: Barbie’s Take On Puberty Circa 1970

I thought it was funny and a bit too grown up for little girl’s when one of Matte’s Monster High Dolls literally waxed poetry about her hairiness and how she had to tame it with a razor (CLICK!).

But I’m always up for something equally fabulous which is what led to my recent discovery of a 1970 Barbie Doll, who…has something very interesting to show you.



Beauty Most Unusual: Fellas Wipes

I can’t technically say what Fellas Wipes are for without immaturely laughing but they might be deemed Beauty Most Unusual.

Check it!


Beauty Most Unusual: Weird and Wacky Lip Balm Flavors

I love lip balm as much as the next girl but sometimes flavors do cross over into the realms of Beauty Most Unusual.

Take a tour through this slideshow displaying some weird and wacky lip balm flavors that you might be scared to try out!

If you’re reading in RSS please visit my site to enjoy the slideshow!

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