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Maybelline 100 Years Color Sensational Lipstick Swatches

Maybelline 100 Years Color Sensational Lipsticks

The new Maybelline Queen of New 100 Years Collection features five limited edition shades of Maybelline 100 Years Color Sensational Lipstick which I’m swatching up today! I have such a love hate relationship with the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Collection. I can’t resist purchasing new shades because they are so pigmented and affordable but they also happen to be like chips, you can’t just eat one or in this case have one.


E.L.F. Beautifully Bare Blush Review & Swatches

E.L.F. Beautifully Bare Blush

E.L.F. Beautifully Bare Blush ($4) is a new Summer 2015 cream blush that launched with the E.L.F. Beautifully Bare Collection in two shade selections.

It’s unclear if these are permanent or limited edition but since E.L.F. rarely introduced limited edition products I’d say it was safe to say these are permanent. I’m sad they only launched in two shade as I quite like the formula so hopefully in the future we’ll see more from this little pot blush!

Let’s take a look!


Add a Little Herbal Essences Body Wash Into Your Summer Shower!

Herbal Essences Body Wash

Add a little Herbal Essences Body Wash into your Summer shower with two new fragrances Honey, I Smell Good and Totally Twisted! This is the time of the year I like to haul out my favorite sweet, fruity shower gels. Yes, I’m a self confessed shower gel addict! I have no prejudices when it comes to shower gels! I like ’em budget friendly, I like ’em high end, but most important I like them sweet and fruitier with a long linger well after I leave my shower.

Herbal Essences Body Wash launched in three fabulous fragrances in 2013 bringing with them the same amazing scent as the hair products. I dunno about you but I’m totally into the fragrances of Herbal Essences haircare and the thought of getting some of that goodness in a body wash, well, I’m all about it. Someone get a fragrance mist line out and I’d be one happy girl!

Herbal Essences Body Wash now comes in two new fragrances for Summer!

Take a peek!

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Colourpop Blood Lippie Stix Review & Swatches

Colourpop Lippie Stix Blood

Colourpop Blood Lippie Stix ($5) is part of the new Colourpop Rumer Has It Collection which is a collaborated collection between Colorpop Cosmetics and Rumer Willis. Colourpop is like the little Indie brand that could! They are really making a name for themselves yet still have the same beauty budget friendly prices we all love so hard.

Blood is is a vampy matte red that I’m sure you’re going to love!


Colourpop Fighter Lippie Stix Review & Swatches

Colourpop Fighter Lippie Stix2

Colourpop Fighter Lippie Stix ($5) was worn by Jessica Chastain recently at the Met Gala. Hmmm looking at Colourpop getting all friendly on the red carpet! Colourpop Fighter Lippie Stix is a bold, vibrant red created to empower woman.

Let’s take a peek!