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NYC New York Color Cosmetics Berry Bloom Collection Review, Swatches, Photos

NYC New York Color Cosmetics Berry Bloom Collection 19

Ahh beauty budget girls gather round and heck even my high enders come on down.

When you think of roses you may think Spring and that’s exactly when the MAC Rose Romance Collection launched. It was one of my favorite collections as of late from the brand because of some of the interesting products released with it such as the Just a Pinch Gel. The fragrance, the makeup, and just everything about the collection was really exciting to me.

Flash forward to Fall 2010 and NYC New York Color Cosmetics Berry Bloom Collection has launched.’s not Spring and it is beauty on a budget so one wonders do you need any of it? Some of the more snobbish makeup users will beg a big no on this however those watching their wallets will find this is a beautiful little collection that warrants a haul. Shades aren’t particularly Fall but believe it or not they manage to work quite well for a warmer look.

NYC New York Color Cosmetics Berry Bloom Collection 2010

Wanna see?


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NYC New York Color Kiss Gloss Review and Swatches: Beauty on a Budget

‘ello, ‘ello recessionista beauty junkies!

If you’re in need of a delicious little gloss that has a thicker formula and long wear but aren’t interested in a high price tag, do check out NYC New York Color Kiss Gloss.

NYC New York Color Kiss Gloss 1


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Jordana Neon Alert Collection Jordana Bright Eyes Eyeliner Review

Jordana Neon Alert Collection 3

My offerings to the Makeup Gods have simply not been enough and I’ve possibly pissed them off because on a recent foray through Walgreens I came across a very empty display of the new limited edition Jordana Neon Alert Collection. That display was so empty it was whistling.

And is it any wonder as it’s cheap as day old chips and has some really killer offerings!

Check it!

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New E.L.F. Studio Cosmetics E.L.F. Cosmetics Fall Collection 2010

E.L.F. Fall 2010

I’m not sure I qualify as the type to get excited about E.L.F. Cosmetics…’s a $1 makeup, kinda not uneventful right?

But I admit it, better mark this date down, I’m excited about the new E.L.F. Studio Cosmetics Fall Collection 2010 and guess what, I have a feeling, you’re going to be too.

See more photos by clicking here!


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Wet n Wild Traincase $9.99

Back to School

I created the Back to School Beauty Budget Picks for College students and Back to Schooler’s in need of some inexpensive beauty finds that won’t break their bank. This series is all about affordable skincare, cosmetic, and beauty bits and bobs for those heading back to school!

Beauty Back to Schoolers gather round, today’s deal consists of a hot Wet n Wild Traincase that contains a good deal of goodies for $9.99.

Wet n Wild Traincase 9



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