Beauty on a Budget

Beauty on a Budget: LA Colors Scented Polish Remover Pads

LA Colors Scented Polish Remover Pads 2011

I don’t care what anyone says…if you scent a beauty product somehow, someway it suddenly becomes more appealing.

Can I hear a hells yes?

Lipgloss, lipstick, blush, skincare….I love scented products! Ok, I know some folks are sensitive to these things but not me. Hand me a watermelon scented moisturizer and I’d be as happy as a clam!

It’s just my thang.

How about scented polish remover?



Wet n Wild ColorIcon The Gilded Age Review, Swatches, Photos

Wet n Wild ColorIcon The Gilded Age 33

I gotta say I really like the six pan Wet n Wild ColorIcon Palettes considerably more than the trios. Dare I whisper that the trios are a tad TOO shimmery…


Blasphemy! Did I just say too much shimmer?

True that. They really are intense but at this price no one is complaining around here. Want cheap Summer bronzed lids? Snatch up the new limited edition Wet n Wild ColorIcon in the The Gilded Age for under $3 bucks and have extra change in your wallet this Summer.

Checks it!


mark Get Defensive Eye Cream with SPF 15 Review, Swatches, Photos

mark Get Defensive Eye Cream with SPF 15 001

The new mark Get Defensive Eye Cream with SPF 15 probably isn’t going to change my eye cream life but it will be my pick for Summer wear thanks to the SPF 15 in the mix.

Is it me or can you list, on like one hand, the amount of good eye creams that contain SPF? It’s such an incredibly low number right?

Well, mark, you’re my new go to for protecting my eyes this Summer!

Check it!


mark Just Go with the Glow Summer 2011

mark Just Go with the Glow

mark Just Go With the Glow is launching later this Summer (July) with a new range of base products and skincare for the warmer weather ahead. This is hot on the heels of the color release of Ibiza Sol.

Oh and how about Teen Wolf…!

Here’s a little lookiee!


Pond’s Evening Sooth Towelettes Review

Ponds Evening Sooth Towelette 3

Pond’s has a new range of wet cleansing towelettes in morning and evening formulas. Yay for AM and PM versions! Granted, you prob won’t need an AM version unless you’re pulling an all nigher, I slept in my makeup adventure but still the novelty of having different formulas is innovative to say the least.

Outside of my HG cleansing wipes of choice, MAC, I really don’t like alot of wipes because they just don’t do that great a job of cleaning up waterproof eye makeup.

The new Pond’s Evening Sooth Towelettes promise to clean away makeup and waterproof mascara….

Could it be true? Seriously?