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Sephora Disney Reigning Beauties Compact Mirror Review & Photos

Sephora Disney Reigning Beauties Compact Mirror

The Sephora Disney Reigning Beauties Compact Mirror Collection is back in stock at! Yay! If you haven’t already seen the new Sephora Disney Reigning Beauties Compact Mirror you’re bound to fall in love with this cute little Disney Princess inspired mirrors!

I got my Disney Mirrors the day they launched by calling Downtown Disney and they were kinda enough to ship them to me! This was great because they sold out within minutes of them launching on Sephora’s site.

There are six total mirrors featuring Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, and Ariel from the Little Mermaid. Now this isn’t the first time that Sephora has collaborated with Disney as they did launch a Disney Princess Makeup Collection that featured a Little Mermaid Ariel Collection, a Jasmine Aladdin Collection, and a Cindrella Collection about three years ago and that collection also featured compact mirrors.

If I’m at all right I imagine we’ll see more collaborations from Sephora and Disney in the future! Cross your fingers for that.

For now let’s take a look at the new Sephora Disney Reigning Beauties Compact Mirror.


Sonia Kashuk Two Zip Purse Kit Review

Sonia Kashuk Two Zip Purse Kit

The Sonia Kashuk Two Zip Purse Kit ($11.99) is one of several new makeup bags that launched earlier this August with the Sonia Kashuk Fall 2015 Collection.

Sonia Kashuk has does a rather large and extensive makeup bag assortment with each season. I always look forward to her bag releases as they are well made makeup bags that clean easily, travel well, and have large generous compartments to store makeup.

Currently, I’m in love with the Sonia Kashuk Two Zip Purse Kit! It’s perfect for toting my daily essentials around and takes very little room up in my purse.

Take a look!


The Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Launches

Disney Fairytale Designer Collection

The Disney Fairytale Designer Collection popped onto my radar recently when Christine (Temptalia) showed me the Ariel Compact Mirror ($16.95) they had available. With the Sephora Reigning Beauties Compact Mirrors not yet back in stock this might be a nicer little filler treat until they are!

Although when I originally posted about the Cinderella Compact Mirror they launched many people who brought it were disappointed so just a heads up!

The Disney Fairytale Design Collection also includes a pretty hangbags, jewelry, accessories and clothes featuring the Disney Princesses!

You can shop the collection now at


Torrid Barbie Collection Arrives

torrid barbie

Torrid is on a roll with their cute collections lately. Penny Dreadful, Orphan Black, The Little Mermaid, and many other collaborations have graced their shelves and more recently Barbie comes to visit Torrid with a new selection of clothing and accessories!

You can shop the Torrid Barbie Collection now at plus enjoy free shopping and use code BYEBYESUMMER for Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off on the entire store!

I know it isn’t makeup related but gimme a break it’s Barbie!



Star Trek Uhura’s Makeup Bag A Must for Geeky Girls

Star Trek Uhura Makeup Bag

As a geeky girl I relate well to other geeky girls especially ones in my favorite films, series, and books. Although my life is filled with many geeky woman characters by far the one that stands out for me the most would be Uhura as played by the stunning Nichelle Nichols. I’ve always felt like Doctor Who and Star Trek reruns watched as a child were what shaped my geeky path in life.

Star Trek reruns on channel 9 after school were totally a thing for me. At this point in my I can probably play Uhura’s part in any episode or any of the characters as I’ve watched and rewatched the three seasons several hundred times.

So of course, I find this cute Star Trek Uhura Makeup Bag a total must have!