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Be Soho London’s Guest with this New Beauty and the Beast Collection

beauty and the beast makeup bag

Soho London does it again! Their new Beauty and the Beauty makeup bag and accessory collection is arriving now exclusively at Walgreens in gorgeous new Disney Beauty and the Beast inspired prints!

Take a look!

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For the Nail Polish Obsessed You Likely Need This Betsey Johnson Nail Polish Shoulder Bag

Betsey Johnson Nail Polish

You know the joys of polish escape me. I realize that it’s a fun and sometimes budget friendly way to get creative but I have little to no patient when it comes to painting my nails. I know, this means I’m a horrible, no good, very bad, rotten person. I’m sorry!

This makeup loving girl is hanging her head in shame. But…I’m just an eyeshadow girl, a blush one, a palette one! Nail polish…well not so much!

But for the truly nail obsessed perhaps you need a Betsey Johnson Nail Polish Shoulder Bag! Because walking around with a nail polish bag, well, that’s totally cool! If they created an eyeshadow palette one like this I’d totally walk up and down 5th Avenue with it on my shoulder because proclaiming to the world I love makeup is totally my jam!

But for now the polish addicts out there can indulge in this cutesy Betsey Johnson Nail Polish Shoulder Bag at


Soho Beauty & the Beauty Makeup Bags for Summer 2015

Soho Beauty & the Beauty Makeup Bags1

Soho Beauty & The Beauty Makeup Bags have launched for Summer 2015 at Walgreens and dare I say these are probably my favorite bags yet from the Soho Beauty Disney Collections! Of course, that could be because I adore Beauty and the Beast (it’s my fav Disney movie!)! There are three bag designs each featuring Belle and one that even features Belle and Beast in his human form (So rare as you always get Belle and the Beast in most depictions). Prices range from $9.99 to $7.99 for each bag!

This display also has four lip balms from a company called Townley Girl. This are subtly tinted balms in strawberry, rose, peach, and lemon flavors featuring cutesy silhouettes of Belle, the beast, and characters like Mrs Potts from the movie! These are $1.99 each and obviously created with younger girls in mind but I never said I was mature so I kinda sorta wanted them!

See more photos below!


Disney Frozen Elsa Hair Accessory, Makeup Bag, and Nail Polish Collection

soho frozen makeup bags

Soho Frozen Elsa Makeup Bags, Frozen Elsa Orly Color Blast Nail Polish, Ardell Frozen Elsa False Lashes, and Scunci Frozen Elsa Hair Accessories are launching at Walgreens now! There’s a ton of cutesy goodies launching around Frozen this Spring including a new Frozen Elsa E.L.F. Cosmetics Makeup Collection I told you about in a prior post.

Have a look at the offerings below!


Cinderella Compact Mirror (Live Action Film) for Disney Fans!

Cinderella Compact Mirror

Remember the amazing Disney compact mirrors that released from Sephora with their Disney Princess Collections?

They were stunning pieces.

You can relive some of that gorgeous accessory glory with this new Cinderella Compact Mirror that launched at in celebration of the Live Action Film!

Plus you won’t believe the price!