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Flower Double Zip Foldover Makeup Bag Review

Flower Double Zip Foldover Makeup Bag

Drew Barrymore has extended her Flower Makeup Collection to now include a collection of accessories like her Flower Makeup Bags (and Flower Makeup Brushes)! The collection includes five makeup bags that vary in size in two different floral prints with prices ranging from $7.98 to $18.98 which will be available at Walmart and

Let’s take a look at the Flower Double Zip Foldover Makeup Bag!


Super Soft Slippers at Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works Lambie Slippers

For the Holidays, Bath & Body Works has launched a new line of Super Soft Slippers in a cute Foxy Lady and Bear Hug design. Don’t worry Lambie fan because Lambie Slippers are also back for the Holidays.

Now where the hell is my Lambie blanket??! I’ve been waiting for it to come back for literally ages.

Jump ahead to see the new designs!


The Simpsons X Hello Kitty Launches

the simpsons x hello kitty

Sometimes it’s nice to talk about something other than makeup! Let’s chat the The Simpsons X Hello Kitty that recently launched from Sanrio!

You know that wonderful, wonderful moment when your fandoms collide? I mean how great would it be if the good Doctor should fall into the world of Supernatural, maybe ride shot gun in the Impala?

Unfortunately, that good stuff only happens in fanfic….

Or does it?

If you’re a fan of the Simpsons and a fan of Hello Kitty you’ll be happy to know your fandoms collide in an unexpected collection of accessories and clothing this Fall!


Attention Frozeneers! You Need These Loungefly Frozen Coin Purses

Loungefly Frozen Coin Bag Collection

I’m a huge Star Wars fan, major. And I’m more excited than you can imagine about the launch of the Loungefly Star Wars Collection but…..that’s neither here nor there! This is all about the Frozeneers out there. You know you are, you simply love Frozen, you can’t “Let It Go”…my sister comes to mind, she LOVES Frozen with a passion!

If you’re in that catagory might I recommend picking up these cute Frozen Leather Coin Bags for friends, family, your greedy self this Holiday season?


Soho Sleeping Beauty Good vs. Evil Makeup Bag Review

Soho Sleeping Beauty Makeup Bag

Good vs Evil in a new selection of Soho Sleeping Beauty Good vs. Evil Makeup Bags that are launching for a limited time this Halloween. Sleeping Beauty faces off against evil Maleficent in this new selection of Soho Makeup Bags with gorgeous Disney artwork!

Take a look!