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Decorate Your Christmas Tree with Makeup Ornaments

I Love Makeup

My Christmas tree is a homage to my geekhood. Star Wars, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings are just some of the festive ornaments that make up my tree.

But I also have a few beauty ones too! Because what’s a Christmas Tree without a little of our addiction throw in?

Here are some great ornaments to display your love of makeup!


Bath & Body Works Lambie Slippers (2013) Review

Bath & Body Works Lambie Slippers

Bath & Body Works Lambie Slippers are back for a limited time at Bath & Body Works stores or online at A long time ago in a land far, far away Bath & Body Works included a Lambie Collection with every Holiday release. There was a blanket, slippers, plush toys, gift sets, socks, and tons of other Lambie accessories and goodies.

Lambie disappeared a few years ago but thankfully popped up again this year but only in a slipper! Sadness! Someone needs to start a Lambie petition to bring it all back.

Needless to say though you really should grab yourself a set of Bath & Body Works Lambie Slippers ($16.50) because they make a darling gift for friends and family or to spoil yourself.

Take a peek!


Bath & Body Works Compact Mirror Gift Bow

Bath & Body Works Compact Mirror Gift Bow

Screw regular bows! All my beauty loving fam and friends are getting a Bath & Body Works Compact Mirror Gift Bow attached to their gift this year!

Loves this!

Plus I got 40% off during Bath & Body Works Secret Sale today (check your inbox they are sending out coupons for 30% and upwards, codes are unique) so I can haul a buncha of these cute mirrors! I just wish they came in more festive colors like red and gold!

Each is $5.50 but with the discount I’m doing pretty darn fab (especially since A TON! eep!).

Get ’em now at

P.S. Don’t waste too much time on Batman Arkham Origins it’s kinda suckage….!


Mark Gift of Gab Phone Case and Lip Gloss Review & Swatches

Mark Gift of Gab Phone Case and Lip Gloss

Mark Gift of Gab Phone Case and Lip Gloss ($16) fills this girl’s need for cute accessories AND beauty all in one. Do love! Just wish they made it for the iPhone 5 grumpy pants frown!

The Mark Gift of Fab Phone Case brings together a cute cellphone wallet and case along with Mark’s Glow Baby Glow Lipglosses into one fab little set for girls and guys on the go.

Take a peek!


Get 30% Off at Claires

You might think it’s juvenile but facts is facts Claires sometimes has some really fun bags, iPhone accessories, and jewelry. I’ve picked up many a fine iPhone case there and also grabbed a bag or two that were pretty nice…!

If you’re a fan you can grab 30% Off your total order today using promo code CLAIRESSURVEY13 with free shipping on orders $35 and up! The code is good until the 30th of October.

ipod case

Head to to haul!

Might I recommend this really cute Leather Bow iPhone case? I have one for my iPhone 5 and love it!

Happy Shopping!

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