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Fun Places You Probably Never Thought To Shop Beauty and Makeup At

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I like obscure beauty and makeup brands! I like indie brands, I like little niche brands, and I like brands that you may have never heard of or even used. You might think I’m referring to Korean or Japanese brands but nope, I’m not.

I’m actually talking about brands like Dianne Brill, 4160 Tuesdays, Johnson and Johnson’s skincare, and more.

So here are fun places you probably never thought to shop beauty at and where you can discover a plethora of makeup, beauty, and fragrance brands you may never even have heard of!


The 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty

The 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty

A year or so ago the 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty game was going around a variety of makeup forums! It basically takes the seven sins and works them around beauty, makeup, and skincare. It’s kinda fun game to play and will definitely get you thinking about your beauty habits, stash, and purchasing habits.

Jump ahead to play.

Promise you’ll have a blast!


5 Cute Beauty Buys

cute makeup beauty

I dunno about you but I leave for cute beauty and makeup! This could be why I love Korean makeup brands so much like Etude House and Tony Moly, etc…!

I just really adore cutesy packaging! Call me juvenile but I pink packaging with bows and a sparkly compact will win my heart any day over a simple, elegant gold packaging.

How about you?

Are you all for elegance or do you like your beauty and makeup on the cute side?

Here are 5 Cute Beauty Buys to love on today!


Beauty Pet Peeve: The Mini Mascara Dilemna

mini mascara

Samples, can’t avoid them, there everywhere! You know residents of the UK complain so MUCH about how stingy their counters are with beauty samples but I feel like here in the US our counters are overly generous to the point I, dare I say it, throw samples out.

OMG! I’ve committed some sort of mortal sin. Does this mean I go the beauty hell when I die!?

As of late a new trend are deluxe size products. These aren’t really samples and they aren’t really full size but they sure are generous enough that you can get a feel for a product and sometimes get a month or more use out of it!

Super duper!

I personally love mascara samples but I have a beauty pet peeve when it comes to them and actually sort of a dilemma.


Makeup & Beauty On My Desk Series


Hope you’re having a good week. It’s a short week thankfully! Been a rainy few days in Gotham but not much we can do about it outside of complain daily. And when the heat and humidity arrive? Complain some more. You know New Yorkers, never happy.

I have taken to doing a great Makeup & Beauty On my Desk Series on Instagram so if you don’t follow me, well, you’re missing out. Not really…sooner or later everything I Instagram ends up on Musings anyway but it sounded dramatic saying that.

Basically it consists of beauty and makeup that passes across my desk so you can get a bit of a sneak peek of what might be coming up in terms of reviews.

This week quite a few lovely Asian goodies are passing across my desk like the Etude House Color Pop Collection and BRTC’s new Jasmine Water CC Cream. Slay me, I adore the BB Cream and now a CC Cream version?

Life is good.

In other news, I’m currently working on my 50th Anniversary jacket for Gallifrey One 2014 and this will make an appearance:


Dontcha just love Etsy? You can find anything.

Oh and whoever said Game of Thrones went off the reservation is right. Started out quite good but yeah, not really following the book..but hey, it’s DAMN good entertainment.

Have a wonderful hump day!