Beauty from the Past

Beauty Remixing!

Beauty Remix

Here’s a new round up of some great posts from the past you might have missed!

Click on through this fab posts for a revisit!

Hope you enjoyed some of these great poss from the past!


Beauty Remix

Beauty Remix

I’ve been reposting some of my favorite reviews, posts, tips, and tricks on Twitter and Facebook recently. I sure hope you’ve been enjoying these posts if you follow me (if not feel free to tell me so).

Since some of you don’t follow me I thought I’d post them up here as well and maybe you can have some fun reading or rereading some of my personal favorite beauty blast from the past posts!

Take a look!

I hope you enjoy some of this beauty remix posts!

If you have some favorite posts from the past that I’ve done, I’d love to hear what they are!


A Look at Sephora’s Summer 2010 Catalog

Sephora Summer 2010

I’ve been doing Spring cleaning all month and I came across my stash of Sephora catalogs! I have a tendency to keep old beauty magazines and such. Does this make me a hoarder? Yeah, probably.

But I thought you’d like to take a trip down memory lane with me and take a look at the Sephora Summer 2010 Catalog!


Aw Remember the Cake Beauty Strawberry Shortcake Collection?

Cake Beauty Strawberry Shortcake A Berry Decadent Collection 2

A little beauty blast from the past this morning but remember the Cake Beauty Strawberry Shorcake Collection? I haven’t been following Cake Beauty lately but lord knows I recall being completely in love with their Strawberry Shortcake Collection. As a kid who had a Strawberry Shortcake doll and accessories etc…of course, the collection appealed.

It all smelled like that little plastic doll! Strawberry, a little bit of plastic, but all loveliness! It smelled like childhood to me.

The collection included a hand cream, shower gel, and lip butter! It was too bad it was limited edition. Funny thing about Cake Beauty they never do collaborations like this so I think it came as a shock and pleasant surprise to fans of the brand that they did this collection.

Take a look below at more images.


Remember Calgon Hawaiian Ginger

Calgon Hawaiian Ginger

I’m a sentimental fool. You know a lot about me but not sure you know what a mush I am about remembering certain times, places, etc…I think I’ve lived a really good life up until now, filled it with many wonderful friends and people, had great adventures with more to come, and smile and laugh often. Through those years I’ve collected so many silly little mementos. I have my first driver’s permit, the bunny and wind up doll my father gave to my mother (and me) the day I was born, the first dollar the tooth fairy left under my pillow, and many more other little memories that I’ve tucked away.

When it comes to making memories beauty isn’t any exception. Certain products, colors, smells take me way back to days gone by. Calgon Hawaiian Ginger happens to be one of those products that has followed me through life for many a fine year. I’d say this goes back to my first year of college or maybe even my senior year of high school or perhaps even longer but I smell Calgon Hawaiian Ginger and it takes me WAY back.

And to this day…I still buy it.

Because it’s freaking awesome.