Beauty Confessions

Confessing My Latest Beauty Sins

Confessing My Latest Beauty Sins

We all have beauty sins we commit! Perhaps you skip washing your face and head straight to bed, maybe you just purchased yet another brown eyeshadow that looks like the hundred of other brown shadows you already own, maybe it’s been a while since you cleaned your makeup brushes, GASP, for shame!

None the less we all have some beauty sins to confess.

So allow me, if you will, to go about confessing my latest beauty sins.


Beauty Confession, I Like To Watch Vintage Makeup Commercials On YouTube

Beauty Confession

I dunno if it’s much of a beauty confession but I like to watch vintage makeup commercials on youTube.

LIKE REALLY, really like to watch them. I find watching makeup commercials from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s absolutely fascinating. Now a I real confession would be that I also happen to like watching toy commercials from the 70’s and 80’s too. Like I’ll youTube up Jem doll commercials, the Mall Madness Game Board commercial, oh and I really love He-Man (I totally have a pristine Castle GraySkull on my bookshelf! That’s probably more a confession than anything else) and Thundercat commercials! Let’s also not forget that I really love the Korean Christmas KFC commercials and P.S. The Dream Phone Commercial is the awesome!

But this isn’t about action firgures or board games from the 90’s! This IS about Vintage Makeup commercials!

Here are some of my favs!


The Beauty Confessional Box

beauty confession

The Beauty Confessional Box is open and ready to take your sins. You can go ahead and admit your most embarrassing beauty sins without fear of being judged!

My last beauty confession was in 2010 when I admitted to…gulp….using Mary Kate and Ashley Haircare. What?! It smelled awesome! Don’t judge!

For my next beauty confession, well, I’m sure you’ll laugh but..


Beauty Confessions: I’m Staring Too Long In That Mirror

beauty mirror

Beauty confession time! Mirrors…wow. So what is it with mirrors? They have some sort of evil power that draws us in or maybe they are magnetic?

Whatever it is we are somehow drawn to them….

I must confess…


Beauty Confession: I Need to Change My Clarisonic Brush Head But…

(Pictured above the new Clarisonic Summer Rose print)

Beauty confession…

When it’s time to change the brush head on my Clarisonic…..