Beauty Confessions

Beauty Confessions: It Takes How Many Beauty Products To Get You Ready?

I confess, I’m a product junkie. I don’t need an intervention, I’m not in denial, and I don’t need rehab. I already know I’m a junkie, I’m not denying I’m a junkie, I’m embracing the fact that I’m a junkie, and I do believe I’m a healthy junkie, seriously, beauty can’t be bad for you right?

This morning I was getting ready and I randomly started counting products and I looked at myself in the mirror and proceeded to gasp while I said out loud, “It Takes How Many Products To Get You Ready?”

Beauty confession….it takes ALOT of products to get me ready!



Beauty Confessions: Hairy Situations

We all have flaws that bother us. Some folks have skin woes, some want to lose weight, some hate their unruly hair, etc…..As women we nitpick our features apart and yearn to change everything and anything.

But let’s get really personal and discuss hair. As in confess hairy situations……


Beauty Confessions: I Go To Sephora And Just Hang Out

Beauty confession time….

I was thinking about my many a trip and adventure through Sephora this morning. I noticed that every single time I hit up the mall or I walk past Time Square or 34th, I can’t pass a Sephora without walking in for a little lookiee. I wonder if this means I need some sort of intervention or worst therapy?

Picture the Muse laying on some shrink’s couch telling them, “Well it’s like this Doc, I can’t seem to pass by a Sephora without walking inside, it’s a compulsion of mine!”

Worst yet…I think I’m one of those people that hangs out at Sephora! GASP!



Beauty Confessions: Waste Not, Want Not!


The Muse went to an all girl’s high school and once a month we all had to assemble in the gym, wait in line, and proceed to sit down with one of four priests to confess our sins.  I swear confessing my naughty deeds was the most difficult thing ever.  I admit that on occasion I’d make up things like, “I took the Lord’s name in vain…” just so I could get out of there really fast…honestly, I wasn’t going to tell him what I was really up to!

Now as embarrassing as it is to sit and confess all my cheek to a priest I have no such reservations confessing my beauty mishaps to you.



Beauty Confessions: Washin’ Up the Brushes!

Brushes. Brushes are so very important to makeup application. I have a slew of brushes since many I got in kits and of course I went a little buck wild purchasing a slew of MAC brushes when I first got into the brand.

Although I must confess…

Jump ahead to hear my beauty confession.

I haven’t washed mine in over a month. Oh my god I’m so ashamed of myself. Eep! I normally give them a proper wash with MAC Brush Cleaner at least every three weeks but after I went on holiday and came back it’s been well over a month since I cleaned them since I’ve been terribly busy. Indeed, a gross and possibly bacteria filled beauty confession.

I’ve sinned. Forgive me?

When was the last time you washed your brushes?

How often do you wash ’em?