Beauty Most Unusual

Beauty Most Unusual: EyeBall Piercing

I’m all about defining yourself as a person. After all, it’s what sets us apart from each right? Our likes, interests, the way we present ourselves, how we cloth ourselves or do our hair, and in our case we love makeup and beauty and use it to define ourselves.

Some folks go to the extreme and embrace tattoos, body piercings, modifications, and the likes to make their own statements but there is one that may be a bit unusual….and possibly dangerous.

Check it!


Beauty Most Unusual: Mimikaki Sticks

Mimikaki, not to be mistaken with, well, I won’t say….ha!

No but seriously Mimikaki is an interesting Japanese bonding experience or fetish if you please. Any idea what it is? Well there are even special sticks to perform “Mimikaki” with!

This one could be dubbed Beauty Most Unusual.



Beauty Most Unusual: Waxing Your Toddler’s Eyebrows

When I was a kid I def had some scary brows going on! I think it was freshman year when I finally hit the tweezers and decided they really needed to be tamed. I’m a woman now and needless to say I keep them as groomed as humanly possible because those bad boys grow like weeds and get a bit scary unibrow-ish if left alone too long.

However, at a tender age my mother NEVER ever decided that it was time to take me to the salon and have my brows waxed!

Take a look, I seen this on Bella Sugar and my mouth was literally hanging open!

This is absolutely appalling. Worst still is the fact that the mother explains the child already had a bad waxing experience and knowing the little girl’s terror decided it was a-ok to do it anyway! The girl proceeds to run and hug her mother after it’s done, I think she should be RUNNING away from her.

Seriously, child services needs to intervene here, some people just don’t deserve to be a mother! By the way the salon that’s doing this and the technician are equally guilty. I’d have said absolutely no if someone walked into my shop asking to wax my young daughter’s brows! Seriously?!

Absolutely Beauty Most Unusual and just terrifying.

What do you think?


Beauty Most Unusual: Toilet Bowl Lip Gloss

Can you guess what these are?

Beauty Must Unusual at its best!



Beauty Most Unusual: Pon Farr Perfume

I was about 7 years old when I saw my first episode of the original Star Trek series. Since that time I’ve watched and rewatched all of the series so many times that I’m actually uncomfortable admitting that I can actually play a part in some of the episodes considering I know the bloody dialogue so well.

Speaking of Star Trek wanna explore a fragrance that could be deemed Beauty Most Unusual?