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Beauty News: Cake Beauty Launching at Sephora

Cake Beauty

I find it terribly interesting that indie brand Cake Beauty will be available at Sephora soon!

How cool is that?

Cake Beauty is the source of all things sweet for your face, body, hands, feet, hair, and just about all your other bits. I’ve long since considered it and chalked it up as an indie brand that was there but somewhat underestimated and never fully explored by the masses.

I do think it’s commonly known but in some aspects it’s somewhat new to many as well. It won’t be “new” for long once it reaches Sephora shelves it’ll be among many well known brands and will have it’s chance to shine in the spotlight.

Interesting development on the Beauty News front.

Whatcha think?

Do you know of Cake Beauty?

Are you a fan?

Never heard of the line?

Do share!


Beauty News: Shiseido to Buy Bare Escentuals

Bare Escentuals Shisiedo

In all my years of collecting Bare Escentuals I’ve come to associate the brand with Leslie Blodgett’s face. This has become something very important to me because I honestly can’t associate many brands with faces, it somehow makes the makeup experience more personal as if Leslie is my best friend, telling me all about the new makeup coming out from season to season.

Leslie and her company, Bare Escentuals, is joining forces with Shiseido.

Have a jump to learn the beauty news.


Beauty News: CVS Beauty 360 Launches Website

CVS Beauty 360

As you may already know CVS is hitting the beauty market with a new prestige beauty retail store entitled Beauty 360. Beauty 360 launched in November 2008 in select CVS locations and basically provides access to higher end skin care, hair care, fragrance, and cosmetics.

More news on Beauty 360 hits the Internet!



Beauty News: Calgon Relaunched, New Calgon Packaging

Calgon New Packaging 2

When the Muse was a teenager, many, many, many years ago she was quite taken with the Calgon line of products which is why she’s re-living some of her youth with the brand new Calgon launch.



Beauty News: Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadow UK Release Date

beauty news urban decay

Hey kids!

In reply to numerous emails and a few comments. The official release date for the much anticipated Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows is March 1st in the UK.

w00t! Excited much?