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Beauty News: Payless Shoes Cosmetics

For the record the Muse promises that stranger things have happened than the fact that Payless Shoes is entering the realms of cosmetics.

Yes, you read that right. Think, Payless Shoes Cosmetics. Are you shivering with anticipation yet? I’m not but no worries you might be able to convince me this could be a good thing.



Beauty News: New Soap & Glory Products at Target

Check it chicks!

Everyone was quite excited about all the new Soap & Glory products that popped up in the UK a few months ago. Particularly the Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed Face Mask and the Soap & Glory Fab Pore Hot Cleanser.

Beauty news of the day?

They are all available at Target for purchase. I was shopping the bulls eye this weekend and came across all the new bits. They are located on a front cap display prior to entering the beauty section.

They are also available online however it’s saying 3 to 4 week deliver time…mmm better off checking in store.

Happy Haulin’!

And do share if you hauled from your local Target.


Beauty News: Join in on the 2010 TotalBeauty.Com Beauty Awards

The folks over at Total Beauty have selected over 50 categories of beauty products to take part in their 2010 TotalBeauty.Com Beauty Awards.

Everything from mascara to shampoo and beyond will be taken to task and tested out to see which deserves the Total Beauty Award. Total Beauty is inviting readers to join and select the “Readers’ Choice” on their fav beauty bits!

Voting ends March 31st so visit to join in!


Beauty News: Sephora TokiDoki Cosmetic Collaboration

Oh Sephora you so need to stop it. You’re gonna make me plum broke! First Kat Von D, now Tarina Tarantino, and a future collaboration with TokiDoki!?!

Oh stop!

Loves it!



Beauty on a Budget: Essence Cosmetics At Ulta

Morning chicklets!

I briefly introduced you to German brand, Essence Cosmetics last week. As I mentioned in my Beauty News post, Essence Makeup is now sold at Ulta however it was supposed to debut sometime in April but lucky enough it’s already up on Ulta and ready for your purchasing pleasure.

Check it after the jump!