Do Not Want

Stila Happily Ever After Beauty Palette Still NOT a Good Deal

It wasn’t a great deal at $75 and sadly on sale for $67, it’s still not a good deal.

Come on guys, near $70 palette?

Your formula doesn’t currently warrant it…!

You can’t throw budget friendly makeup at us and suddenly jack up the price, it confuses us.

Lovely but not at this price.


Do Not Want: Nail Polish That Looks Like White Out

Just sayin’ if you’re doing your nails at your desk you might mistakenly pick up your bottle of White Out and proceed to start painting your nails with it.

Do Not Want nail polish that looks like White Out.

ProGel 100% Gel Polish Available now at


Beware of Cats in Top Hats!

You gotta admit these are scary!


Do NOT Want: Makeup That Claims It’s Worth $150!

Please E.L.F. your e-mails are killing me.

Do Not Want Makeup that is definitely not worth $150. Stop, please, you’re embarrassing yourself now.


Do Not Want to Be Haute in Jersey with My Makeup!

Am I the only that feels like they just don’t need a palette entitled Haute Jersey?

Can the leopard print be any worst?