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Down the Rabbit Hole: The Muse’s Fav Alice in Wonderland Curiosities and Beauty Picks

Alice Beauty

The Muse is a big time literary geek and one of fav books is Through the Looking Glass but of course I’d like to sit here and tell you about my great love of the book but even I can admit I simply want to see Alice in Wonderland because of the Johnny Depp…who doesn’t?

With the introduction of Alice in Wonderland being adapted to the big screen we get flooded with an absurd amount of merchandise and most important fun beauty bits and bobs.

Here’s some of my top beauty picks (and some not beauty related) to celebrate the release of Alice in Wonderland today!



Etsy Musings: The Fern Lily Girls

The Fern Lily Girls 1

Good morning world!

I hope it’s bright and sunny on your side of the universe. If you live on my side of the universe it’s sunny with a mix of slushy snow on the ground, a brisk chilly wind, and lots of rumblings about heading to work in this muck.

I thought I’d do a brief Etsy Musings to start the morning off right. As you know I’m a fond fan Beautiful Twists which I’ve done a prior Etsy Musings on. The creator of Beautiful Twists has since branched out and opened several new Etsy stores which feature various goodies for your body.

I’m pretty much an Etsy junkie so I love introducing you to great finds on the site.

Check it!


Etsy Musings: Mad Hatter Soap Company

etsy musings of the day

It’s none to shocking that Alice, Wonderland, and the Mad Hatter are becoming quite the popular topic of cosmetics and beauty as of late. With the release of the film come March and a few fan girls (and boys) who actually read and loved the book, it shouldn’t come as any great surprise that the beauty (and possibly the fashion one too) world is cashing in on Wonderland.

Although I have yet to try it myself, I recently ran across a cute Etsy shop entitled Mad Hatter Soap Company.



Etsy Musings: Wiggle Perfumes

I’ve been Etsy surfing lately, a little too much for comfort. I can’t help myself, I’m such an Etsy junkie! As always when I find something of interest on Etsy I like to haul out the big guns and do a little Etsy Musing with you guys!

Wriggle Perfumes 2

Check out my latest Etsy haul from Wiggle Perfumes!


The Muse’s Gift Guide: Favorite Etsy Gifts Part 2

Muses Gift

I think today we need a little more Etsy in our lives for some great unique gifts. Last week I introduced you to some fine Etsy shops which had some fabulous pressies for friends and family. This week, I’ll continue the series by introducing you to several more great shops that I simply adore for gifts!

Remember the most important rule of thumb prior to ordering from Etsy! Ask your Etsy seller if your gift will arrive in time for the holidays since many gifts are handmade on the spot this process takes some extra time so be sure to e-mail and ask.

Now take the jump for some great Etsy gift ideas!