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Some of the Best Facial Primers I’ve Tried

Best Facial Primers

What is it Napoleon Perdis says? It’s a crime not to prime! True story…if you want the most flawless complexion you best be prepping yourself well prior to ANY makeup application.

Primers not only help to create a barrier between your skin and your makeup, which by the very way means a longer wear for your foundation, but also they act to blur the appearance of minor imperfections perhaps pores or fine lines or uneven skin texture and even in some cases hydrate skin so that your makeup with ease on down the road more easily during application.

Needless to say primer is something everyone should indulge in. Choosing the best facial primer for your skin type is the first step in creating a lasting relationship with a good facial primer but I’m sure you’ll run into more than one to love.

These are Some of the Best Facial Primers I love and use daily.


Benefit Lemon Aid Still As Awesome As Ever

Benefit LemonAid

I took the liberty of stocking up on Benefit Lemon Aid during the Sephora VIB Event because lord knows I can’t do without it. It’s one of the few products I’d need a lifetime supple of if the zombie plague hits, it’s a staple product I use daily and never ever do I skip out I applying, it’s the product I’d mourn, cry, and have a funeral for if Benefit should ever decide to discontinue it (god forbid!).


Top Product On My Sephora FF List

One of the most common question I get asked around this time of the year is what are the top products on my Sephora Friends & Family list. I’ll be honest I don’t have a ton on my list at the moment for myself and most is for friends and family.

However, I’ll probably redeeming that shortly as I plan to take advantage of the sale by restocking on essentials and skincare.

But there is one product on my list that I’ll be hauling two of (maybe three) when the sale rolls around (the sale is happening November 7-11th).

What is it?


Five of the Best BB Creams Available in the US

Five of the Best BB Creams

Which are the five best BB Creams available right here in the US? That’s one of the most commonly asked questions on Musings of a Muse. Folks are curious which brands are putting out solid BB Creams formulas and which I’ve actually liked that are readily available here in the US. I’ve tried plenty that much is true but many don’t always impressed me so I made a list of five BB Creams I actually love and think are the very best of the best. BB Creams I personally use daily and enjoy the formula of.

So here’s five you might not have tried. Five that are readily available on counters now that you can purchase right here in the US without running around hunting out online stores, dealing with airmail fees, etc…

Take a look!


A Little Bit About My QVC All Access Beauty Picks

The Muse on QVC

Set your Tivo because starting Friday, May 10th at 11PM EST QVC All Access Beauty starts off with 25 full hours devoted entirely to beauty. I’m actually away this weekend so I’ll have to be sure to set up my recorder in case I miss anything I absolutely have to have!

This exciting event will feature breakthrough products, special values and beauty tips straight from the faces behind the brands like Kate Somerville, Mally Roncal, Ken Paves, Chaz Dean, Jamie Kern Lima and more.

Beauty gadgets, skincare, makeup, and more from your favorite brands like Laura Geller, Philosophy, Tarte, Bobbi Brown, Mally Beauty, etc…etc…will be all featured during the All Access Beauty premiere.

As you know
QVC actually asked me to pick out 12 products that I absolutely love and use daily. Some of you asked, “12? How the heck did you keep it to 12?” I know right? QVC must be mental thinking they can trust me to pick JUST 12 products. But I did it and I’m quite proud of myself and I’m welcoming pats on the back for being so awesome about picking a mere 12 products….!

I didn’t really have to put a lot of thought into those 12 products because they are staples of what I use daily or products I reach for a whole lot. I thought I’d share why I choose some of these products and what makes them so special so jump ahead to take a peek!