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Makeup I Wish Was Better……

better makeup

You ever have that “Makeup I Wish Was Better….” moment? It’s that moment where you LOVE but hate a product, palette, eyeshadow, etc…and just kinda just wish it was better.

You know Kat Von D is relaunching a single shade selection of eyeshadows for Fall 2015 and I thought to myself, “I really dig this chick’s makeup!” but I also have a lot of moments where I’m not using the palettes and eyeshadows I already have from her line because they are so damn frosty. I hate frost, with a passion….! I’m hoping her new eyeshadows will lack the frost because I’d be in heaven if that’s the case. I’d say 95% of my stash of products from Kat Von D is heavy duty frostiness.

So Makeup I Wish Was Better? Kat Von D Eyeshadow!

How about you?

Any beauty or makeup product you wish was better somehow?

Do share!


Hairy Under Arms? A Thing Now!


Contrary to popular belief celebs are not hair free! As told by Julie Roberts at a film premiere several year’s ago when girlfriend saved up a whole lotta hair to display to her admiring fans. Now granted, I personally believe she simply forgot to shave, wax, or laser it off before that event because you know she’s Julie Roberts and she must be all kinds of stupid busy. Or maybe she was embracing her boho peace and love alter ego.

The thing is, my life is incredibly busy too sometimes so I have indeed left the house without deodorant on or that one time when I applied eyeshadow on one lid but not the other but shhh we don’t talk about that situation in proper company anymore. I’ve also slipped on pristine white capris and realized when I arrived at my destination I didn’t shave my legs….

Yeah so, the moral of the story is $h1t happens.

But what about hairy pits totally being a thing?


You’re a Sephora Addict If…


So I guess it’s easy enough to know the signs when you’re a Sephora addict BUT just in case here’s how to tell!


I’ve Always Wanted to Smell Like…


A Sanrio store! Those Hello Kitty erasers as a child and that grape gum that lost its taste within moments of the first chew just smelled so damn amazing. Lucky enough Demeter makes sure I can smell like Sanrio with their perfume which celebrates all things good about Hello Kitty, stickers, erasers, and awesome pencil cases.

Ah to be young again!

demeter sanrio

How about you?

What have you always wanted to smell like?

Is there a fragrance available for it?

If not, do you wish there was?

Fill in the beauty blank, ‘I”ve Always Wanted to Smell Like__________________.”


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