First Impressions

MAC Smoke Signals Haul

I just got in from Nordies with my little haul of MAC Smoke Signals in tow. Sadly, Blue Storm didn’t make an appearance so I’ll have to wait a little longer to get my hands on it.

I ended up purchasing two eyeliners, two pigments, and the two quads. I left the lippies, nail varnish, and blush, none struck me as must haves.

Overall it’s a great collection! I think I got the pick of the best items and the rest are pretty much leave ’em, not need ’em. The blushes weren’t anything to write home about, the nail varnish are nice but I tend to bite my nails so not too worth it for me, and the lipsticks just weren’t wowing me.

The quads are a must have and the best I’ve seen from MAC in quite a while. All the colors work well together in these which is rare since a majority of the quads I get from MAC have colors that seem to never work well for me and I end up scratching my head trying to firgure out what sort of eye look I could possibly create with the quad.

The two liners are also must haves in my humblest of humble opinions! Raven is a deep maroon color that really will look great with Lovestone and Cranberry! Orpheus is an equally gorgeous shade.

The pigments weren’t anything to get too excited about. Silver Fog is shown as Limited Edition shade but it’s a normal MAC Pro item. This is exciting if you happen to not have a MAC Pro in your general area but if you do have a Pro shop it’s just a snore. I picked this up as I never did bother getting it from my local Pro shop! It’s definately a very nice pigment! Smoke Signals is very bizarre not sure what to do with this little guy it’s a bit reddish, a bit brownish, and maybe even a tad bit purple thrown in! Not sure how this fits into the smoky eye look but count me as challenged, I aim to create a look with it. Dark Soul is a regular catalog item and not entirely worth the $20! Unless you’re a collector you can do away with purchasing such a large jar of black piggie! Just stick to a sample from E-bay or forums!

If you’re purchasing your lot in store be sure they give you one of the postcard booklets! It’s rare they give postcards out anymore so this is a nice item if you happen to collect MAC postcards! It includes all the looks featured in the video plus some face charts on the back! And it’s free! We like free stuff don’t we?

Overall a nice offering from this collection!

Do check out the MAC website to see a great video of Eartha Kitt glamming it up! It so fits with the theme of this collection!

MuseTV Presents Smoke Signals (I’m sorry this one is crummy guys! I’m just a bit drained today).


Lancome’s Mystery Game Collection

Oh my the very my! The mail came on Saturday but I didn’t have a chance to open it till just this very second and to my delight what was in it? Lancome’s Mystery Game Collection!

I was quite excited to get my greedy, sweaty, eager little hands all over the Cube of of Destiny! I ripped open the package and behold:

I’m normally not a fan of Lancome’s general cosmetic line but this was too good to pass up! I’m actually quite happy I dove right in and purchased it because it’s quite a nice little conversation piece as well as usable (the sudden urge to wrap it in cotton, never use it, take it out for special occasions, pet it and tell it how pretty it is may strike at times but try to refrain and just use the damn thing! I should take my own advice shouldn’t I?).

The Destiny Cube comes in two color variations Deep Fascination and Charisma. At first I thought it was one color option but there are, in fact, two color options to choose from! I purchased the darker of the two (although the overwhelming urge to buy the two colors was hard to argue with!) which is Charisma. I think it’s a much better Fall look than Deep Fascination.

Deep Fascination


I haven’t touched either shadows or glosses yet so I’m unsure of texture or pigment but I’ll be doing a deeper review of this later on! For now I’m just happy to take it out of it’s black velvet satchel and stroke it lovingly!

The face chart included with the Cube is a nice little extra but highly exaggerated in my humblest opinion! There is no way on God’s green little earth that you’ll be able to create these looks with this one Cube! The colors are just off completely! In the chart the model is wearing a very lovely pink shade and shaded in with the green as a smoky look! The green shade is quite spot on but the pinkish shade you see is no where near what is available in the cube! The color is a soft lilac color and not pink at all! I feel the lip creams are off mark as well! It’s a nice little item to include but the colors are way off base!

I also purchased Baume Baiser which is freaking amazing! This truly deserves a back-up! We need a case of these sent over as soon as possible! I originally read about this on the Make-Up Bag and the review was so outstanding that I had to nab this little guy for myself! This is part of the Mystery Game collection contrary to the fact that Lancome’s website doesn’t display it on the same pages as the Mystery Game! As Make-Up Bag said this is a highly addicting product! It contains a soft pillow of lip treatment that has a weird jello like texture and tastes like a dreamy, creamy, sweet marshmallow! It makes my lips feel absolutely soft and smooth! It’s quite like the box says…kiss a pillow! This balm is perfect for application all day, under lipstick or gloss, or just by itself! Truly money well spent! I need another one!

Finally I purchased Blush Subtil Shimmer in Shimmer Pool Pink! I unknowingly purchased this only to have it arrive and realize I had already purchased this same color AGES ago! This is just a repeat that they have included with the Mystery Game color story and no reason to pick it up! Don’t make the same mistake I did on this one!

Overall, Lancome’s outdone their selves with this nifty little collection! I’d love to see Lancome release some more of the fun items I’ve seen recently! This is truly something that has the avid cosmetic collector in mind when it was created! The entire collection is very usable but the Cube is a piece you’ll want to cherish!