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Bath & Body Works Holiday 2014 Candles Available Now

Bath Body Works Made With Love Candles Holiday 2014

Ahh my favorite time of the year! The Bath & Body Works Holiday 2014 Candles have launched. I get ALMOST as excited about the Holiday 2014 Candles as I do the Fall ones (but I admit the Fall ones are my favorite).

This year they have a wonderful selection of candles to love on!

Take a look!

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Glade Holiday 2014 Fragrances Launch

glade holiday 2014

From time to time I do so love talking home fragrance around here! I’m excited to share news that the Glade Holiday 2014 Fragrances have launched already (I saw some at Target a few days ago, crazy right?).

This year there are a total of eight Holiday/Winter 2014 fragrances to choose from!

Have a look!

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Can They Make This a Perfume?

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Bath & Body Works Winter 2014 Candles Launch

winter 2014 bath body works candles

Already? Yes, the Bath & Body Works Winter and Holiday 2014 Candles have launched! There are a new range of Fall/Thanksgiving 2014 White Barn Candles as well as a sneaky little peek at upcoming Holiday 2014 Candle scents as well.

Take a little look!


Avon Seasonal Candles, A New Addiction?

avon candles

Uh oh! Avon Candles are possibly a new addiction for me. Avon has done candles here and there in the past but seasonal candles get a big push this Fall with a launch of not only several three wick candle fragrances but also accessories for the candles in the form of candle sleeves like you’d see from Bath & Body Works!