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Glade Fall 2013 Collection

Glade Fall 2013 Collection

I know I’ve been discussing a lot of home fragrance lately but I think we all like it yes? The Glade Fall 2013 Collection popped up on my radar recently and I hauled both Fall Hayride as well as Toasted Marshmallow recently.

However, I haven’t yet run across the other scents in this collection but I’m happy to tell you all about them. And yes, there will be limited edition tarts available with this collection!



Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Test Candles

Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Test Candles

Bath & Body Works Fall 2013 Test Candles are in test stores now kids….!

So what’s a test candle?! What’s a test store? What more candle scents!?

Yeah…this could get confusing. But if you like Bath & Body Works Candles you’ll want to read this post as some of these scents are NOT AVAILABLE in all stores.


Bath & Body Works Candles Back on Sale & 20% Off

Bath & Body Works Candles Fall 2013

Get your Bath & Body Works Fall VIP Bag today because it’s candle hauling time.

Candles are 2 for $22 today at bathandbodyworks.com and use promo code S139169 for 20% off your total OR use promo code FALLVIP to grab the Fall VIP Bag with any $30 purchase for $20.


Btw…anyone’s BBW get the Cider Donut candle yet? I can’t find it anywhere boo!

P.S. Did you see the happily ever after on Catfish? Awww! Finally!

I LeVourne you guys!


$20 Off $45 at Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Halloween 2011 Collection 003

If you’re heading to the Halloween Preview at Yankee Candle you might want to print and take this little coupon with you! It’s $20 off a $45 purchase or more!

Sadly, I’ll be on vacation when they launch the Halloween Collection so I hope I don’t miss too much!

Enjoy the coupon!

Click here to print!


Glade Fall Hayride Wax Melts Launching Soon

Glade Fall Hayride Wax Melts

When you saw the new Glade Wax Melts and you’re anything like me you might have wondered whether they’d limited edition or Holiday scents in these. And indeed that is apparently what they’ll be doing!

I ran across the new Glade Fall Hayride Wax Melts at the evil empire (Walmart) recently. It was only these, sitting very lonely-like on a shelf! But I imagine or I’m hopeful they’ll be available in other Fall scents like the Toasted Marshmallow one! Or even a pumpkin one of some sort?

It’s been TOO hot to burn tarts so I haven’t really tried the melts I hauled the first time around but I am hearing mixed things about them. Some folks say they are pleasant but too weak where as others simply hate them all around due to the fact they are so weak. I’m hearing the same for the Febreze ones!

Here’s to hoping Fall Hayride is as strong burning as it is smelling. And P.S. it smells more like the Holidays than Fall! It’s kinda a pine/fir blend…but still quite comforting and warm for Autumn!