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Yankee Candle Marshmallow Peeps Are On the Loose!


The peeps have infiltrated every single freaking Holiday. Remember when evil marshmallow peeps (yes, they are PURE EVIL!) only made themselves known around Easter? Well not anymore. They have crept their way into Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and yes, even Halloween!

They have now infiltrated Yankee Candle. I repeat they have now infiltrated Yankee Candle!


Febreze Wax Melts Quick Review

Febreze Wax Melts

I know, I know!  It isn’t beauty but I recently tried out the Febreze Wax Melts aka Tarts and I thought I’d give you a little info on these.

You might recall I told you about Glade Melts when they launched earlier in the Fall. I tried the Glade ones in a variety of fragrances but they are hecka weak…! Or my nose is broken.

I was skeptical about the Febreze Wax Melts due to this but…


Bath & Body Works Sweet Shop Candles for Spring 2014

bath and body works sweet shop candles

Sweet Shops open at Bath & Body Works and it includes some exciting new candles! The new Bath & Body Works Sweet Shop Candles are a Spring 2014 launch that will be in stores shortly…! No sale at the moment on these guys so I’ll be patiently waiting for them to go on sale so I can grab them all up for my very self.

Take a peek!


Ulta Holiday Room Sprays

Ulta Holiday Room Spray

Bath & Body Works has the market pegged for room sprays with a variety of fragrances to choose from but here’s a little something different from Ulta this year, Ulta Holiday Room Sprays!

Take a look!


Bath & Body Works Winter Market Fresh Candles Not to Be Missed!

Bath and Body Works Winter Market Fresh Candles

I picked up the Bath & Body Works Winter Market Fresh Candles yesterday and I was delighted! I think sometimes the fragrances can run together and become repetitive if you aren’t careful but all and all Bath & Body Works Candles are a huge hit for me more so than any other candle out there including Yankee.

Fall was WONDERFUL but some of the fragrances were a little to close to what I saw from the brand last year so when some new Bath & Body Works Winter Market Fresh Candles launched I wasn’t sure if I needed them but yes, you need them, they aren’t to be missed!