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How to Reduce Puffy Eyes Because the Struggle is Real

puffy eyes

How to reduce puffy eyes? Well, I’m here to disappoint you! There is no quick, easy way to get rid of puffy eyes no matter what Cosmo is telling you! Today my eye puff is extra bad due to lack of sleep. And no, I swear I wasn’t up all night WOWing and slamming back Mountain Dew Code Red (I’d be in the hospital if that was the case). Actually I was eating bags of Cheetos and playing Five Nights at Freddy’s 3.

Damn I wish it went down like that! But actually I laid in bed starting at my bedroom ceiling until like 4:15 AM and proceeded to finally fall asleep only to be woken up at 5 by my alarm.


Needless to say I looked in the mirror and realized I’d scare small children and animals if I left the house without doing some damage control.

So here’s the tricks of the trade to rid yourself of puffy eyes or at the very least become presentable to the world!


Prevent Oily Lids From Ruining Your Makeup

Makeup Hacks

I don’t have oily lids but in order to prevent them from ruining your makeup there’s a simple trick that might save your eyeshadow and eyeliner if you’re prone to oily lids and eyes!

Take a look at this helpful trick to save your oily lids!


Best Kept Gel Eyeliner Secret

jordana espresso last made to last eyeliner

One of the most popular questions I get around here is what eyeliner is the longest wearing on the waterline. There are two great eyeliners I love for my waterline that wear long and strong and that would be Urban Decay Perversion and Mally Beauty Evercolor Automatic Waterproof Line.

However, you might already one of the best kept gel eyeliner secrets around for extra long strong wear….

If you don’t jump ahead for it!


Beat Dry Skin and Have Time Left Over to Save the World!

So you live in below zero temperatures and the cold is killing your plans to save the world! I know I can’t plan anything when it’s cold because my skin is dry, patchy, and flaky. I mean seriously, think about it for a second, if you’re going to take over the world you want to look your very best right?

So here’s my solution to beat your dry skin and still have time left to take over the world!

All in a few steps!


Remove Candle Wax from Your Candle Jars and Create Something Beautiful

Bath & Body Works Caribbean Escape Candle

Dear Maureen,

Y u the most amazing reader evers on Musings of a Muse?

I love you right now.

k, bye.

da Muse

Today I got an odd tweet from Maureen saying she got some of the new Lush Easter Bombs and proceeding to tweet me that she pops BBW Candles in the freezer and stores Lush Bombs in ’em.

I had no idea what this crazy girl was babbling about. Eh? What? freezer? bath bombs? Who?

But this women is a genius.

Behold what she found on the Internetz!