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Hey there!

I’m headed to see Madonna tonight w00t! I’m also seeing Kansas in October which is even more exciting so yeah, Carry on my Wayward Son and stuff! I wish we could all go together! We’d have a blast I’m sure!

But most important I just wanted to say sorry for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been pretty busy at my “real life job” so Musings got pushed the the side. I hope to redeem that though in the next few months! I have a new site design upcoming plus you might have noticed my newsletter has changed slightly so revisions are coming up on that as well plus a new mobile interface so the site will be cleaner and quicker to load across your tablets, phones, etc…!

I’m excited about the changes upcoming and of course, all the Holiday goodies I have planned for the weeks ahead.

I hope your Fall is starting out beautifully and you’re looking forward to the seasons ahead!

New posts and reviews are upcoming shortly with plenty planned for tomorrow.

We’ll all talk really soon I’m sure.



Musings of a Muse Newsletter Important Info

site issues

Hi guys!

Just a quick heads up for Musings of a Muse Newsletter subscribers. You MIGHT get two emails today with my daily newsletter! Sorry about that. I’m testing something new out with my newsletter.

Apologies for the double e-mails.

If you have a moment today I’d greatly appreciate it if you relate to me if you got both newsletters. Also if you noticed the new one perhaps share your opinion on the lay out.

Thank you for your time :)


Image Issues?

site issues

Hey there!

Hope everyone had a fab weekend.

I just wanted to see if anyone was having loading issues on the site? Or particularly image issues? I’m hearing problems that images are not displaying.

If you’re having issues can you please let me know the browser you’re using and what exactly happens when you load a post?


Happy Monday!


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Issues, Problems, Lag?

site issues

Hey guys!

Can you give me a heads up if you’re experiencing any issues, problems, loading quirks, or slowness on Musings of a Muse? Just let me know if you’re having the problem in desktop or mobile when commenting!

Thank you!