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Going Mobile

Something you might not know about me? I’m a freak for the Who. Why has no wireless company tapped them for a phone commercial!?

Something else you might not know? Musings of a Muse went mobile this week and I hate it. Haha…! I’m not a huge fan of mobile designs. I’m of the mentality what you see on your desktop is what you should see on your phone and tablet. But designing a site so that happens can prove difficult.

There is a new, responsive site upcoming later this Spring but for now I’m using a plugin that downsizes the size of my site and makes it a little more user friendly for mobile users. I hope you’ve noticed and taken advantage of the feature!

If you have any issues with loading on mobile (or desktop or anywhere) please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thanks for your patience with the crummy mobile design I’m now serving and know that later this Spring it’ll be a lot prettier!

As always thank you for your readership and thank you for your friendship!


Load Issues

site issues



Looks like we might have a few loads issues AGAIN!

If you’re experiencing difficulties please let me know in the comment field.




Chrome Loading Issues?

site issues

Hey there.

If you’re experiencing any load issues in Chrome on a desktop (not mobile) can you give me a heads up. I’m seeing a little unusually sluggish load and wasn’t sure how wide spread it was.

If you have any other issues feel free to share them.

Sorry and thanks!


Hi Remember Me?


Hey there!

Sorry for the delay in posts the last few days! It’s a really busy time for me at work so Musings got pushed to the side slightly.

But no worries, I should be back in fighting form shortly with new reviews upcoming. There’s lots of great stuff coming so keep your eyes peeled!

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Thanks for being so patient.

I sure do miss you guys this week!

Stay warm and have a great weekend!


Issues, Again!?

site issues

Hi there.

Sorry, seems like I’m constantly asking but is anyone having issues loading the site.

If so can you explain the problem, how you’d loading the site (which browser, which OS, whether you’re on mobile or not), and what’s happening?

I’d great appreciate it.

Thank you!