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Wow What a Day!

site issues

It’s been an adventure today.

Just a note if you’re seeing Musings of a Muse in a rather nasty un-styled way please go ahead and empty your cache and reload.

All should be beautiful again!

If you have any issues at all please let me know.

Again, sorry for the issues!



site issues

Hey there!

Sorry the down time on site recently. Been going through a few issues on the site. If you have any problems please tweet, e-mail, Facebook, or leave a comment and let me know.

Again, I’m sorry for the down time and hope to have this cleared up soon!

Thanks for your patience!


Few Hiccups

site issues

Hey there!

Just checking back. I had a few issues with load problems which I believe are cleared up now. Please clear your cache to hopefully see a difference and let me know if you experience any problems at all viewing the site.

So sorry for the problems!

Thank you!

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Site Loading Issues

site issues

Hey there!

If you’re having any issues loading the site could you please let me know? I’d appreciate it. Give me a heads up of the OS you’re on, the browser you’re using, and an explanation of what problems you’re experiencing.

Thank you!

Sorry about the delay in posts today but it’s been a crazy kinda day at work plus I had gift guides planned that got sidetracked since Sephora’s site has been so wonky! But don’t worry TONS of new stuff upcoming!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Lost Comments

Just a note, pending comments from Friday to Sunday were lost in a database error this past weekend. Sorry about that! :( If you left a comment that didn’t appear or I didn’t reply to this would be the reason why.

So sorry about that.

Feel free to leave it again!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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