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Just a note, pending comments from Friday to Sunday were lost in a database error this past weekend. Sorry about that! :( If you left a comment that didn’t appear or I didn’t reply to this would be the reason why.

So sorry about that.

Feel free to leave it again!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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Social Media

I know a few people had said my newsletter wasn’t going out recently. So sorry about that. I am around the Internet though and available for your reading pleasure across a variety of social media outlets.

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Monday I’ll be back with some very exciting reviews!


Few Hiccups Today

Tech Help

Sorry, was having some issues today with the site!

I think all is fixed up now. Share buttons are currently disabled but will return shortly!

If you have any problems please give a yell?



Beauty Archives Series on Facebook and Twitter

beauty archives series


Good morning! Happy Monday (groan!). I started doing a Beauty Archives Series on Twitter and Facebook recently. This is great if you miss content during the weekend because it’ll auto tweet and auto post to my Facebook and spotlight some older posts you might have missed or never read before.

I’m working out the kinks with the plugin I’m using to do this and I think I have it set up right. For a sec there it was over tweeting and Facebooking too many posts! Sorry about that.

Anyway, I hope you like this new feature. Auto tweets will be daily featuring old content on Twitter and auto posts to Facebook will be Friday through Sunday!

Hopefully you discover something new and exciting to read on Musings of a Muse with this new Beauty Archive Series!

If you don’t already you can follow me on Twitter by clicking here or Facebook by clicking here!

Have a productive day! And be back shortly with new product reviews that are upcoming this AM!

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If You’re Following Via Facebook You May Be Missing My Posts


Oh woe the sadness of Facebook!

If you’re following Musings of a Muse via Facebook you might be missing some great posts. Facebook is selective about what they post to your timeline unfortunately so some of my posts might not make it through!

In that case might I recommend you check out my newsletter? In the AM it gets sent out with all the posts that I did the day before and you can click through them at your leisure plus it alerts you to every single posts I’ve done so you won’t miss a minute of the good times here on Musings.

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