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Does Your Significant Other Like You in Makeup?

Significant Other makeup

Does Your Significant Other Like You in Makeup?

Does your girlfriend, husband, wife, or boyfriend enjoy you in soft makeup? Bold? Or perhaps just a natural look? Or even makeup-less?

How do they prefer you?

Do share!


Do You Like That New Makeup You Purchased but Maybe Not Love It?

love makeup

Welcome to my world where makeup comes into my life and I end up liking it but not really loving it.

Every have those products that enter your life that you like but not love?


Which Makeup or Beauty Product Makes You Feel Pretty?

pretty makeup and beauty

Which makeup or beauty product makes you feel pretty? Or even products that might inspire confidence in you? I think makeup is not only fun to fool around with but also an essential tool in making me feel pretty, my best, it gives me confidence. Some people might feel they don’t makeup or wearing it isn’t necessary or maybe that it’s even superficial but personally I feel like it’s not only fun to use but also it makes me feel good about myself.

So not only can you completely transform yourself with beauty but you also can evoke confidence in yourself and make yourself feel pretty using certain products.

Which make you feel the prettiest and most confident?

Your foundation?

Perhaps a smoky eye?

Longer lashes?


What Makeup and Beauty Products Would You Bring Back?


I’m sure if I think really hard I could come up with a bible’s list worth of makeup and beauty products I would bring back after they have be discontinued by a brand. Eyeshadow shades, skincare products I’ve used and loved, lipstick colors that are no longer available, etc…etc…

One particular ALWAYS comes to mind when I think of what beauty products I’d bring back, take a look below and see if you agree with me on this one.

What makeup and beauty products would YOU bring back given the chance?


Disappointing Makeup and Beauty Purchases

disappointing makeup

What’s one of your disappointing Makeup and Beauty purchases at the moment (or in the past)?

I have tons but there’s one in particularly that comes to mind which really disappointed me in a major way!