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What Makeup and Beauty Products Would You Bring Back?


I’m sure if I think really hard I could come up with a bible’s list worth of makeup and beauty products I would bring back after they have be discontinued by a brand. Eyeshadow shades, skincare products I’ve used and loved, lipstick colors that are no longer available, etc…etc…

One particular ALWAYS comes to mind when I think of what beauty products I’d bring back, take a look below and see if you agree with me on this one.

What makeup and beauty products would YOU bring back given the chance?


Disappointing Makeup and Beauty Purchases

disappointing makeup

What’s one of your disappointing Makeup and Beauty purchases at the moment (or in the past)?

I have tons but there’s one in particularly that comes to mind which really disappointed me in a major way!


What Spring 2015 Makeup Collections Are You Looking Forward To?

Spring 2015 Makeup

What Spring 2015 Makeup Collections are you looking forward?

Tarte Spring 2015 releases next week officially and Too Faced has already surprised us with the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar for Spring 2015! I’m sure Urban Decay Spring 2015 is on the horizon as well as some point!

So far it’s shaping up to be a pretty good Spring with many wearable nudes (Thank god I haven’t seen any pastels yet). Even drugstore cosmetics are proving positive with the Maybelline Spring 2015 offerings as well as the Physicians Formula ones!

I know it’s early to discuss it but what other Spring 2015 Makeup Collections are you looking forward to?


Summer Vacation Makeup

summer vacation makeup

So what Summer Vacation Makeup did you take away with you on holiday this year? What do you pack and bring with you? Do you over pack? Do you like the pack multitasking products to save space and make traveling a little lighter? Are there any must have products you can’t go on vacation without?


Drugstores Makeup at Premium Prices Are You Paying Too Much?

Drugstore Makeup

When I started Musings of a Muse several years ago I really wasn’t a fan of drugstore makeup. Actually I was a snob about it! I just was never really happy with the quality of products and felt like my money was best left to higher end and mid-range brands.

In some ways, I still feel like a high end fan girl but drugstore makeup has evolved so very much in recent years. I think the packaging still has a way to go if I’m honest but the quality, pigmentation, and just the overall selection is quite good compared to several years ago!

The fun thing about going to drugstore is you can AFFORD to grab six different lipsticks without feeling guilty. Try that at a Guerlain counter! We love the steals, deals, and beauty on a budget atmosphere at our drugstores but…are things getting a little too high?

Sometimes you have question drugstores makeup at premium prices. If I’m going to go to CVS and spending $9.99 to $11.99 on mascara well, I might as well just go to MAC for that or even Sephora right?

Are you paying too much for your drugstore makeup?