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Do You Sometimes Wish You Weren’t Addicted To Makeup?

makeup addict

Are you addicted to makeup? Do you sometimes wish you weren’t addicted to makeup?

Telling signs you could be addicted to makeup:

  • Your hands start to sweat when you enter Sephora or get near a MAC counter.
  • You have to buy that brown eyeshadow even though you already own 500 of the same exact shade already!
  • You stay up late because the MAC website is going to update with a new collection!
  • You have a hard time deciding on an eyeshadow because you have too MANY!
  • You find yourself browsing beauty blogs and look at pretty pictures because this is so YOUR pr0n!
  • You go away for the weekend and need a separate suitcase for your makeup!
  • You have to go to bed but find yourself dreading taking off the killer look you did that day!
  • You find that pretty powders and highlighters are to be purchased but never, ever used and stashed away only to be taken out on special occasions but JUST TO LOOK at!
  • You find yourself wishing you had more than one face!

And the list goes on and on and on….!

But sometimes do you wish you weren’t an makeup addict?


Abandon All Hope Drugstore Makeup Lovers or Not?

drugstore makeup lovers

Lasciate ogne speranza voi ch’intrate or abandon all hope, ye who enter here as inscribed on the gate of hell that Dante passes through. “Abandon all hope” quite reminds me of drugstore makeup really…

How dramatic.

But sometimes I really want to throw my hands in the air and just say “screw this!” because I’m not always pleased with my drugstore makeup purchases. And when I think about it, the amount I spent on those products I could have just saved up for a mid or high range product that I wouldn’t have such woe with.


There’s a Makeup Dupe for That!

makeup dupes meme hey girl

Makeup dupes? I haz ’em!

Eyeshadow, lipgloss, makeup dupes, a controversial sometimes touchy topic for some. One thing I’ve learned about us makeup addicts we take dupes very, very seriously. Well some of us do. I don’t. I’m the worst kind of consumer that has 500 of the exact same eyeshadow shade! Wasteful? Maybe! Hoarder? Possibly! It’s just…something about owning a variety of eyeshadows in the same shade but with a different texture? I dunno, I’m making asinine excuses for myself here.

I’ve personally broken down makeup dupes into the following categories.

The “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” Makeup Dupe
This is the dupe that’s a spot on duplication of a favorite shade and even the formula is exactly the same! This is a rare find for the true makeup connoisseur because I always find dupes are an either/or kinda situation. Either you get a spot on dupe for the color but not the formula or the shade is identical to your favorite shade but the formula sucks.

The “Close but no Cigar” Makeup Dupe
This is the dupe that ALMOST looks like your favorite shade but isn’t exactly the same.

The “Are you freaking serious?” Make Dupe
This is the ridiculous dupe that gets recommended to you by a friend or a fellow makeup addict. For example, when you’re recommended the L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection and you’re told it’s a dupe or a lot “like” the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Yeah, sure, right.

What kinda of makeup dupe addict are you?


Is Resting Bitch Face The Greatest Anti-Aging Secret Ever?

Is Resting Bitch Face The Greatest

Do you have a case of resting bitch face syndrome? Are people asking you if you’re ok constantly or if you’re having a bad day? Are they maybe telling you that you don’t smile enough? Perhaps they think you’re rude or even snobby?

Resting Bitch Face is when someone, anyone, boy or girl, has a relaxed sometimes slightly murderous look on their face that gives them the impression they are possibly pissed off.

But is Resting Bitch Face the Greatest Anti-Aging Secret Ever?


Makeup Artistry Nightmares

Makeup Artistry Nightmares

I remember my best friend Amy getting her hair done for prom and proceeding to head home and rip everything the hairdresser did out and heading to prom with a big tuff of frizzy hair and tears in her eyes.


Because she hated the 60’s up do that the hairdresser had did. Apparently the hairdresser thought that big giant up swept hair hadn’t gone out of style and looking like Frenchie from Grease was all the rage! “How do I look?” “Like a beautiful blond pineapple!”

I’ve never had a problem with my hairdresser thankfully. I’ve always been very, very specific about how I wanted my hair cut and styled however, I’ve had makeup artists go to town on my face with nightmare results!