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Beam Me Up Some Beauty, Scotty!

Beam Me Up

So I thought maybe at some point in my life I’d be comfortable enough to quit my day job and become a full time mail stalker. I’d just sit around all day and stalk the mailman, the UPS dude, and the FedEx girl for my beauty purchases. Problem is, I don’t think anyone would willing pay me to do this job so maybe I can start a stalker consultation type service where I stalk my own purchases and the purchases of others…! That could work right?

Or maybe I need to start developing a new technology so we won’t have to stalk our mailmen because our beauty treats would INSTANTLY be available.

How’s that for awesome?

My ideas below!


Beauty Empties!

beauty empties

So what’s your beauty empty list looking like?

I happen to find it incredibly hard to use up anything particularly color cosmetics! If I weren’t a beauty blogger I’d probably use items faster but since I do blog beauty it means I’m always testing something new and fail to get to the very bottom of anything.

Some things I use up?

Benefit Lemon Aid! No doubt that one I replenish often and most recently, I used up almost all my Dr Gross Hydra-Pure Intense Moisture Cream. I feel like I need to throw a party after using something up. I’m just so damn proud of myself.

What have you used up lately?


Dear People of the Makeup World, STOP Testing Drugstore Makeup

Dear People of the Makeup World,

Dear people of the makeup world,

It is not ok to swatch, try on, squish, squeeze, touch, smush, smash, unwrap, open, or test makeup at the drugstore. You are not at Sephora, you are not at your favorite makeup counter, there are no testers at the drugstore and the products you’re swatching, smashing, and smushing are ones that other people actually want to purchase and OWN so stop making a mess of them! Not only are drugstores losing money because of you but you’re making a lot of makeup lovers cry and become rather pissy when they see a limited edition product or color they want only to open it when they come home and find it has been freaking used.

Please stop.

Thank you!


Have You Ever Considered Starting Your Own Makeup Blog?

Have you considered starting your own

Have you ever considered starting your own makeup blog? Do you love beauty and makeup so much that you’ve wanted to blog it?

I’ve always had a passion for makeup, skincare, and beauty but starting a blog was never on my mind! It all happened rather randomly.

Have you ever considered starting your own beauty blog?


In My Beauty Horror Story….

In My Beauty Horror Story

I’d be racing down a dark, cold corridor in a old Gothic house because I realized I forgot….