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In My Beauty Horror Story….

In My Beauty Horror Story

I’d be racing down a dark, cold corridor in a old Gothic house because I realized I forgot….


Nail Clipping in Public

nail clipping in public

There are certain beauty tasks that you don’t perform in public such as nail clipping. If you follow me on Instagram you might have been privy to my nail clipper slash pen duo. Yeah, so that’s a thing.

Check it below!


Is the Lipstick Index Down?

lipstick index down

The lipstick index is a term used by Leonard Lauder to describe the sales of cosmetics (and lipstick) during the recession. Basically, lipstick sales are apparently a good way to tell how the economic health is doing.

During times of a poor economy lipstick sales are up because women (or men) tend to purchase it as a “simple” pleasure versus buying more high end dresses, shoes or other expensive products.

For me, lately, it feels like the Lipstick Index is terribly down!



Are Department Store Makeup Brands Worth Your Time and Money?

department store makeup brands

Forever 21, H&M, Topshop, hell even high end stores like Nordstrom and Saks have their very own “makeup brands” but the question are those department store makeup brands worth your time? I mean, let’s be honest, Sephora has their own house brand and you can experience absolutely orgasmic nirvana when they get it right but other times it can be a complete and utter miss to the point you just want to trash the item and never see or hear from it again!

Are department store makeup brands worth your time (and money)?


What’s Your Worst Beauty Shipping Experience?

What's your worst shipping experience_

I have to say in most cases my UPS guy always brings his A game when handling my packages. It’s when he’s on vacation or out sick that things get hairy. I also have a fairly good Fedex guy but sometimes there are different Fedex delivery people for different services. For example, for ground I have a really nice man that walks up my porch and puts the package gently on my welcome mat. For Fedex overnight or other Fedex services typically it’s throw the box from the street onto my porch and wherever it lands it lands.

Now regular postal service actually is the worst offender. There have been so many cuts and changes when it comes to the regular USPS that I can’t say I have a regular mail person. Sometimes I have a mailman who comes three times a week and other times I see different temps delivering the mail. This happens both at my home and my office. This also means lost packages, packages being delivered to the wrong address, etc..

For example, my Etude House Dreaming Swan packaged arrive but I wasn’t at home to sign for it. They left me a notice that I could pick it up at my local post office. So, I went there and they couldn’t find the package and said it was likely back out for delivery. I went home to check my mail and no package so the next day I go back. They tell me they don’t know where it is speak to a supervisor. So I head over to the next window to speak to her and she turns around and walks away from me…


In the end, thankfully the package arrived (like a week later haha!).