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Beauty Mishaps

Beauty Mishaps

I had an early morning tea and cronut session with my best friend this morning. People, my life is so complicated right now, I needed that cronut today, don’t judge :) I had no guilt as I inhaled it delicately nibbled on it.

I was rushing a little this morning and I kinda did one of those quick slap on the lipstick application things and headed quickly out the door. A 5 block walk later had me sliding into a booth and sitting down for that most delicious cronut and my friend grinning at me rather hugely. It was one of those smirky “I know a secret smiles”. So I did a little shifty eye look at him and was like, “What?! What happened?” And he sat there silently shaking his head. I had to look behind me because I thought for sure Ed McMahon was behind me with the Publisher’s Clearing House check.

So I pressed him with another, “WHAT!?” Until he revealed to me I had lipstick on my chin but it was ok because it looked cute. Yeah because lipstick on my chin is super glamorous!

Ah the life of a makeup junkie that sometimes has beauty mishaps that are terribly awkward and embarrassing! I remember as a teen reading YM Magazine and the “Say Anything” column was one of my favorite but many of the stories totally rung untrue! But as I got older I realized that some of this stuff could totally happen! I’d totally be the girl in some of those Say Anything scenarios!

I also remember some very, very interesting beauty mishaps like a reader who told me she curled her lashes, squeezed too tight, and ended up slicing some of them off! Dude!

If you’re a makeup and beauty lover you’re bound to have some mishap in your life be it funny or just down right scary.

What are some of your mishaps?

Do share them!


Target or the Evil Empire


Where do you shop more?

Target? or the Evil Empire (aka Walmart)?

I prefer Target. I dig through the dollar bins like it’s my career because I like looking for Hello Kitty pens, pads, post its, etc…yeah so if you see some girl with her head stuck in one of those bins that would be me digging for gold.

I also prefer Target because I find the offerings a bit more classy especially the beauty ones. Walmart, mmm sure they carry the regular range of drugstore makeup and skincare offerings but Target goes a step and beyond merely drugstore makeup. They have a niche of great brands like Korea’s Laneige, Sonia Kashuk, Carol’s Daughter, etc….! Outside of Hard Candy, Walmart fails to have any true exclusives.

And let’s not get started on Target’s all star line up of fashion collaborations. When Jason Wu launched I was up until 3 AM refreshing the page and successfully nailing the White Flared Dress with black lace trim. I was not going to give that dress up without a fight. I also managed to grab the Milu tote which I cherish like the life of an unborn child.

So yeah, I’m a Target girl.

How about you?


Or the Evil Empire?

What’s your pleasure?

Maybe both?


How Comfortable Are You In Bare Skin?

no makeup selfie

No matter how old I get, no matter how wise, and no matter how logical I am, I still feel I’ve been ingrained with the idea that the perfect woman is one who appears flawless. Blame it on magazines, blame it on TV, blame it on society, who knows but my idea of perfection comes in the form of flawlessness.

This also means I’m never truly comfortable in my own skin without some form of makeup on. I’m not really comfortable heading out there in all my bare skin glory. Hell, a few years ago I wouldn’t dare run errands without full makeup in place.

It doesn’t stem from blemishes or acne issues as I have super resilient skin. It’s just I’m one of those girl’s that finds comfort in wearing makeup as I don’t want my duller, lackluster skin and puffy eyes on display for the world to see.

But I’ve learned a few things…


Looking Sick, Asia’s Next Big Beauty Trend

looking sick beauty trend

Much to my horror Etude House launched their Proof Ten Shiny Eye Sticks in Korean about two years ago to endorse the puffy eye beauty trend. Seriously? How many times have you heard me moan, whine, and moan some more about my puffy eyes. I have larger eyes and when they are puffy I look old and positively scary. Mothers hide their crying children when I pass by, lakes of water freeze over, and milk spoils when my eyes are presented to the world in such a state.

It isn’t pretty.

Around 2013, the puffy eye look was pretty huge in Korea and on some levels it is still a bit of a trend. To get the look products like Proof Ten Shiny Eye Sticks could be applied under the lower eye area, a little below your natural lash line. The colors used would be softer, iridescent shades and these would create a puffy effect. If you’re younger you might just be able to rock the look! If you already have puffy eyes, guess what? You’re so freaking trendy!

Personally it’s not a look I personally loved.

Fast forward and this week it’s all about looking sick. This isn’t really a new look in all honesty but suddenly has become a topic of interested within the Western world. Girls within Japan and the cosplay world have been embracing what these articles have dubbed the “sick” look for quite a while.


Do You Buy Beauty To Make Yourself Feel Better?

bad day beauty

You ever have one of those days when the world is crumbling around you, fire is raining down upon your head, and hell has surely frozen over? Let me tell ya, that’s a rarity for me. I’m just that type of girl that never has bad days but I’ve been just having a hell of a month and today, ugh today, I need a hug please, like ASAP. I laugh and smile my way through life about 364 days of the year but I’m stressed to the point I’m about to burst today! Phew!

Someone tweeted me today, thanks K, that I should go buy some makeup or a new fragrance. Ahh blessed retail therapy! It’s NOT a fix but it sure does help sometimes.

So, tell me, do you sometimes indulge in a little beauty to make yourself feel better after a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day?

Or perhaps you feel like it’s dangerous to indulge when you’re not feeling bad because you fear overspending?

Do treat your bad days to a little beauty retail?

I do and don’t. If I’m having a bad day, like today, I’m actually not even in the mood to shop! But sometimes, like, TMI ahead, if I’m PMisng, I do indulge in a little retail therapy because lord knows new lipstick takes your mind off cramps like a double dose of Midol!

It’s a funny thing! As obsessed as I am with makeup, beauty,’s weird to be like “OMG please I DO NOT NEED makeup in my life right now!” I tend to just shut myself off when I’m stressed or feeling bad and beauty is not going to solve my issues at all!

So I guess it depends.

Tell me when and if you practice retail therapy!