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Look Down When You Apply Mascara?

look down when apply mascara

I went to the Lancome counter earlier this week because I wanted to see if they had the Summer 2015 Collection. Needless to say I won’t rest until I own all three of those new squishy Blush Subtil Crèmes. I lose sleep at night not knowing they aren’t safely tucked into my beauty vault.

Anyway, they are available online already but I wanted to get a little feel for them so I decided to venture to my local counter to check them out. Now I texted ahead of time to make sure Danny, my normal sales rep, would be there. I stupidly didn’t ask him if Summer was available at the time.


Sometimes I Like to Wear Red Lipstick Even Though It Makes Me Feel Like A Clown

too faced melted

You know for a really long time I avoided red lipstick like the plague. I always felt like red made me look like as scary as Tim Curry in It. Well, ok, not that bad but more along the lines of Bozo the Clown whom apparently I was totally into as a child according to my mum but I do NOT believe her because dude, clowns scare the lipstick off my face. Do not want.

You know what’s fun about red lipstick?

It actually kinda makes me feel confident and dare I say a LITTLE sexy.

Even though I’m most comfortable parading around my house with it on while doing the dishes and not so much waltzing through the city with it on.


Does Your Favorite Fragrance Simply Not Last On You?

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Ugh it’s like the kiss of death when you love a fragrance but it simply doesn’t work with your body chemistry and your skin proceeds to suck up all that delightful scent. I replenished my stock of Diptyque Oyédo on Friday night because I was in need of some SERIOUS retail therapy and I couldn’t help but think to myself how I wish they’d put out a parfum formulation because the EDT simply doesn’t cut it for me.

Does your favorite fragrance not last on you?


Do You Share Your Makeup?

Do You Share Your Makeup

What were we thinking in 5th grade when we all thought it was a most excellent idea to have a community Bonnie Bell Lip Balm? Or later in high school when our best friend applied her gloss and slipped it to us to do the same….

Ugh no.

Sharing makeup so not a good idea.

Honestly, I’m a little different when it comes to makeup sharing I guess because it was never a thing for me.


Are Your Favorite Makeup Formulas Changing?

Are Your Favorite Makeup Formulas Changing

It’s a weird thing with makeup as sometimes you get SO excited about the launch of a new palette from your favorite brands you fail to remind yourself how much you loved something they introduced in the past and how much you enjoyed the formula.

Lately, I’ve been questioning whether some of my favorite makeup formulas are possibly changing!

If I take a moment to actually breath through my excitement at the aspect of something new I can open my eyes a bit better and see that maybe, just maybe, formulas have changed over the years and aren’t quite what I know or expect from my favorite brands.

So are your favorite makeup formulas changing?