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To Beard or Not to Beard That is the Question

Beards are apparently a hot and very trendy topic at the moment. If you live in New York I’m positive you’ve run across many a man sporting a beard. Sometimes unkempt, other times utterly trimmed to sheer perfection.

My personal favorite beard of choice would belong to my lovely friend Dusty. As far as I’m concerned he’s the only man alive that can have a beard and rock it hardcore.

It’s a funny thing as I see more and more products catering to beards. Beard oils, beard combs, hell Etsy has a crazy amount of beard related paraphernalia and grooming products. I mean there’s even like a fragrance mist for beards. Beards in the beauty industry are obviously VERY hot at the moment.

I’ve always sat and wondered how I’d handle having a beard. I mean are there issues with like beard crumbs after eating? Do you have to shampoo and condition your beard? Does it smell bad if you don’t? When you’re at a club does your beard get that weird smoky smell that sometimes clings to your hair after a night out? Do you have like bad beard days where your hair is standing up in all sorts of weird directions? I mean I already have a crazy skincare regimen plus add to the fact I have crazy hair (it’s long, wavy, and a pure bitch to take care of) plus a host of other girly issues and I cringe thinking how difficult it must be taking care of a beard.

I have to say one of the most surprising beards I’ve run across is Jamie Dornan. I dunno what it is but his beard kinda is a personality all itself. If you see him in an interview you can’t take your eyes away from the beard. It’s like they are interviewing the beard and not Jamie. It feels like it’s a separate entity. I can’t take my eyes off. Mind you this isn’t because I like his beard, it’s just so RIGHT THERE and I can’t seem to take my eyes off it. It’s unexpected and doesn’t seem to fit him for some reason.

Let’s not also forget about Ten’s beard. His grows in slightly ginger. You watch the man for several years running around in a trench coat and converse with the perfect head of hair and suddenly one day he wakes up with a beard and flat hair. It’s rather disturbing. Fan girls everywhere are still weeping that his smooth face and perfectly coiffed hair are gone forever more. I call his new look the Broadchurch.


Fassy has a bit of a beard going on as well but I guess we can forgive his stupid sexy hotness. I mean Fassy’s beard crosses oceans so you have to give him a little credit!

I, myself, happen to be a huge bishounen boy fan myself. Smooth face is the way to go. Maybe a bit of stubble is nice but not all the time! But a full beard? No. It’s just not how I like my guy! I prefer a nice smooth face!

If you were a guy would you sport a beard? Seems like a lot of work to me haha!

Do you like guys with beards or are you all about a smooth face?

Do share!


How Do You Revive and Refresh Your Complexion?


I haven’t treated my body very well the last few days. Lack of sleep, lack of food, overworking myself, and many other factors are starting to show up on my face. I have dark circles, puffiness, and my skin is starting to look very dull, tired, and lackluster. Even concealer under my eyes and BB Cream isn’t helping!

When you’re complexion starts to suffer because you’re treating yourself poorly how do you revive and refresh?


Look Down When You Apply Mascara?

look down when apply mascara

I went to the Lancome counter earlier this week because I wanted to see if they had the Summer 2015 Collection. Needless to say I won’t rest until I own all three of those new squishy Blush Subtil Crèmes. I lose sleep at night not knowing they aren’t safely tucked into my beauty vault.

Anyway, they are available online already but I wanted to get a little feel for them so I decided to venture to my local counter to check them out. Now I texted ahead of time to make sure Danny, my normal sales rep, would be there. I stupidly didn’t ask him if Summer was available at the time.


Sometimes I Like to Wear Red Lipstick Even Though It Makes Me Feel Like A Clown

too faced melted

You know for a really long time I avoided red lipstick like the plague. I always felt like red made me look like as scary as Tim Curry in It. Well, ok, not that bad but more along the lines of Bozo the Clown whom apparently I was totally into as a child according to my mum but I do NOT believe her because dude, clowns scare the lipstick off my face. Do not want.

You know what’s fun about red lipstick?

It actually kinda makes me feel confident and dare I say a LITTLE sexy.

Even though I’m most comfortable parading around my house with it on while doing the dishes and not so much waltzing through the city with it on.


Does Your Favorite Fragrance Simply Not Last On You?

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Ugh it’s like the kiss of death when you love a fragrance but it simply doesn’t work with your body chemistry and your skin proceeds to suck up all that delightful scent. I replenished my stock of Diptyque Oyédo on Friday night because I was in need of some SERIOUS retail therapy and I couldn’t help but think to myself how I wish they’d put out a parfum formulation because the EDT simply doesn’t cut it for me.

Does your favorite fragrance not last on you?