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The Bathing Garden Scare Collection for Halloween 2015

bathing garden halloween 2015

The Bathing Garden Scare Collection for Halloween 2015 was listed earlier last month but the weather has been so warm I decided to wait to post about it. I also tend to like to wait to order since tarts don’t really ship well in 85+ degree weather!

The good news is the Bathing Garden now has not only the Halloween 2015 Collection live but two other collections which are all available for purchase now. Typically they’d update the site for 24 to 48 hours, you’d order, and patiently await that order. Now the items remain on the site a good deal longer so it looks like the Scare Collection will be up and available for a while before being taken down as well as the other two collections!

Keep in mind when ordering that your order can take up to six weeks to arrive so ordering now is a good time to get your order in time for Halloween burning!

Take a look at what’s on offer!


Fun Places You Probably Never Thought To Shop Beauty and Makeup At

unique obscure makeup beauty

I like obscure beauty and makeup brands! I like indie brands, I like little niche brands, and I like brands that you may have never heard of or even used. You might think I’m referring to Korean or Japanese brands but nope, I’m not.

I’m actually talking about brands like Dianne Brill, 4160 Tuesdays, Johnson and Johnson’s skincare, and more.

So here are fun places you probably never thought to shop beauty at and where you can discover a plethora of makeup, beauty, and fragrance brands you may never even have heard of!


Fortune Cookie Soap Pardon My French for Summer 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Pardon My French

Celebrate all things French with the Fortune Cookie Soap Pardon My French Mini Collection for Summer 2015. This ode to France includes a linen spray, perfume, whipped body cream, and bath bomb in fruity, floral scents inspired by the most romantic country in the world.

Take a look!


Fall 2014 Makeup Collections Online

Maybelline Dare to Go Nude Color Tattoo Eyeshadows Fall 2014

I just wanted to quickly update you on Fall 2014 Makeup Collections!

They are starting to trickle into stores here in New York but lots of folks are still having a difficult time locating many of the items I’ve blogged about so just a heads up for those who do want to purchase items online. has gotten in stock L’Oreal Visible Lift Blur Blush, Concealer, and Foundation as well as the new shades of L’Oreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner.

And has a Buy 1, Get 1 50% off on many of the Maybelline Fall 2014 products such as the Leather Tattoo Collection, Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream, and other items!

Also check out if you are shopping online to see if you can score a coupon or two as Walgreens does have 20% off from time to time.

Hope this helps for those who haven’t yet been able to locate some of these items in their area!


Obsessed with Fortune Cookie Soap The Sweet Spot

Fortune Cookie Soap The Sweet Spot Perfume Oil

I happen to be obsessed with Fortune Cookie Soap The Sweet Spot! I recently tried out the Sparkle Mist Me in this delightful scent and was already familiar with it because it’s a scent that was introduced in the Grinch Holiday Collection. I was happy to see it return for Summer 2014.

This is a must have!

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