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Are Your Favorite Makeup Formulas Changing?

Are Your Favorite Makeup Formulas Changing

It’s a weird thing with makeup as sometimes you get SO excited about the launch of a new palette from your favorite brands you fail to remind yourself how much you loved something they introduced in the past and how much you enjoyed the formula.

Lately, I’ve been questioning whether some of my favorite makeup formulas are possibly changing!

If I take a moment to actually breath through my excitement at the aspect of something new I can open my eyes a bit better and see that maybe, just maybe, formulas have changed over the years and aren’t quite what I know or expect from my favorite brands.

So are your favorite makeup formulas changing?


Little London Cosmetic Tower at Urban Outfitters

Little London Cosmetic Tower

Take a little peek at this Little London Cosmetic Tower available at Urban Outfitters.

I actually own two eDiva Beauty Organizer and I swear I treat them like I would my child if I had one! The day I win the lottery is the day that I purchase an e-Diva for my entire makeup collection!

None the less I thought it was interesting that Urban Outfitters are now stocking these Little London Cosmetic acrylic cases!



Do Not Want Large Thermal Twirler Brush

Large Thermal Twirler Brush

To me, personally, this Large Thermal Twirler Brush is like a medieval torture device. I actually cringe looking at it because it brings me back to when I was about 11 or 12 years old and I used my sister’s Radial Brush.

People, let me tell you, at the time I didn’t realize I couldn’t just brush my hair with the brush! I unknowingly decided to brush through my locks and got it so tangled in my hair so badly it had to be cut out.

At time it was a nightmare but thinking back it’s rather hysterical.

So this large thermal twirler brush? I could just picture myself attempting to use it, getting it caught in my hair, and having to shave my head to remove it. I’ve wanted to cut my hair for a long time so this might prove an excuse to do so.

What’s one of your worst hair experiences?

I think that was by FAR my worst! I was literally in tears over it because it not only hurt but the fact my mom had to literally cut the brush out of my hair was a horrifying experience.


Are You Sensitive About Your Makeup?

Are You Sensitive About Your Makeup

When you blog beauty you do have to have a bit of a thicker skin especially if you’re posting your picture out there for all of the Interwebz to gawk at. It takes a little courage and perhaps a bit of confidence (both of which I lack but I’m still pic h0ring all over my blog). You’ll get both helpful and hurtful criticisms when you blog about beauty. I’m not terribly sensitive when someone reads here and comments that they don’t like my eyeshadow or my blush is all wrong, etc…I take it with a grain of salt and sometimes even find it helpful.

However, there are exceptions to the rule of being sensitive about my makeup and that extends to…


Beauty Mishaps

Beauty Mishaps

I had an early morning tea and cronut session with my best friend this morning. People, my life is so complicated right now, I needed that cronut today, don’t judge :) I had no guilt as I inhaled it delicately nibbled on it.

I was rushing a little this morning and I kinda did one of those quick slap on the lipstick application things and headed quickly out the door. A 5 block walk later had me sliding into a booth and sitting down for that most delicious cronut and my friend grinning at me rather hugely. It was one of those smirky “I know a secret smiles”. So I did a little shifty eye look at him and was like, “What?! What happened?” And he sat there silently shaking his head. I had to look behind me because I thought for sure Ed McMahon was behind me with the Publisher’s Clearing House check.

So I pressed him with another, “WHAT!?” Until he revealed to me I had lipstick on my chin but it was ok because it looked cute. Yeah because lipstick on my chin is super glamorous!

Ah the life of a makeup junkie that sometimes has beauty mishaps that are terribly awkward and embarrassing! I remember as a teen reading YM Magazine and the “Say Anything” column was one of my favorite but many of the stories totally rung untrue! But as I got older I realized that some of this stuff could totally happen! I’d totally be the girl in some of those Say Anything scenarios!

I also remember some very, very interesting beauty mishaps like a reader who told me she curled her lashes, squeezed too tight, and ended up slicing some of them off! Dude!

If you’re a makeup and beauty lover you’re bound to have some mishap in your life be it funny or just down right scary.

What are some of your mishaps?

Do share them!