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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Last Year’s Stale Candy Corn Review

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Last Years Stale Candy Corn

Last Year’s Stale Candy Corn? Can’t be! Stale that is! I always thought of candy corn, marshmallow peeps, and twinkles as rations for the zombie apocalypse….I was positive that when there’s no more room in hell and the dead rise up from their graves that candy corn would be the one thing I could depend on to remain fresh as the day I purchased it.

Of course, did I mention I HATE candy corn with a passion but love the scent of it?

Needless to say Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab crushes my dreams though of using it as a ration for the apocalypse because this perfume oil is all about stale candy corn, last year’s in fact!

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Sephora 20% Off for Rouge & VIB

Sephora Holiday 2014 Gift Sets Palettes Brush Sets

Just a note the Sephora 20% Friends and Family Event for Rouge and VIB members is upcoming! I do not have codes yet (not sure if they will be universal or if there will be one code for everyone to use like last year) but I did want to give you a heads up that the event starts for Rouge Members on November 4th and ends on November 10th at (you’ll likely get an invite for in store use via e-mail or snail mail if you’re on Sephora’s mailing list). For VIB members the sale stars on November 5th and ends on November 10th. I have no info if BI members will get a discount but will keep you posted! During these dates you can take 20% off of ANYTHING at Sephora! So if your total is $100 you get $20 off, if you’re total is $200 you get $40 off, and so on and so fourth! There is no minimum and no maximum sale so you can buy something for $5 bucks and get the discount or you can buy an entire cart worth $600 and get 20% off the total! There are no exclusions on anything during the sale.

Update: The sale promo code will be GIFTVIB for VIB memvbers and GIFTROUGE for Rouge Members! Click here for updated information about the upcoming sale!

I have no insider information about there being something more happening for Rouge members or if they’ll be other coupons upcoming. These dates are from the Sephora Affiliate program so you can use them to mark your calender for when the sale starts! I do know there will be Black Friday deals and something interesting upcoming for Cyber Monday too but more on that later!

As more information becomes available I’ll be sure to let you know.

Happy Shopping!

Fill your cart now at


E.L.F. Disney Good vs Evil Let the Drama Begin Lip Gloss Set Review & Swatches

ELF Disney Good vs Evil Let the Drama Begin Lip Gloss Set11

The E.L.F. Disney Good vs Evil Let the Drama Begin Lip Gloss Set ($9.99) is a new limited edition lipgloss set featuring Maleficent and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. The Disney Good vs Evil Collection is the third collaboration from E.L.F. which started out earlier this Fall with the launch of a Snow White and Little Mermaid Makeup Collection!

Let’s take a look!


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Stage Blood Review

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Stage Blood

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Stage Blood is single note limited edition Halloween 2014 Perfume Oil that recently launched at the Lab.

I read a few reviews on Stage Blood and I also talked to a few people on forum who swore to the perfume oil gods that this was straight up cherry candy goodness. To say I was excited was an understatement since I really like candy, sweet, fruity perfumes!

On my body chemistry….well, there’s not cherry!

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