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Can They Make This a Perfume?

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Sephora Friends and Family 2014 News

Sephora Color Festival Blockbuster Palette Holiday 2014

The Sephora Friends and Family 2014 Sale starts today and runs until October 29th giving you 20% off your total purchase! Of course, you do need to have a friend or a family member that works at Sephora to take advantage of this sale. If you do have someone who works as an employee at Sephora you can kindly ask them for a unique code so you can shop the Sephora Friends and Family 2014 Sale in store or online at Each code is unique unlike the year’s past where there was one code that everyone could use.

Reader’s have told me in the past if they ask an employee nicely they are sometimes able to secure a code from them! I’ve never actually been bold enough to do this myself and I don’t know anyone that works at Sephora to get a code from.

Don’t be discouraged though as news of the Sephora Friends and Family 2014 Sale is a good thing because it means that Sephora will be extending the discount soon to BI, VIB, and Rouge members! Last year the sale started November 7th and ran until the 11th and the year before it was on November 5th. I imagine this year it’ll be around November 6th! I think they’ll likely send out invites and e-mails to Rouge members first and follow up with VIB ones and finally BI ones!

I hope news of the Sephora Friends and Family 2014 Sale brings a smile to your face today! I know I always look forward to the sale and I’m eagerly awaiting news for the general public to arrive (I’ll be sure to tell you all about it when I know!).

Happy Hauling to those who do have a code!

Can’t wait? Try the Sephora Matchmaker Game to earn 10% off your purchase now!


The Bathing Garden Body and Hair Mist Review

The Bathing Garden Body and Hair Mist

I purchased some of The Bathing Garden Body and Hair Mists during the Halloween 2014 update recently! The Bathing Garden Body and Hair Mist is actually a new product that the indie brand offers (I’m sure you’ve heard me rave on and on about their tarts and more recently their whipped soap and their scrubs!) and ended up grabbing two of them recently when the shop opened for a Halloween sale.

The bad news is the two scents featured in my review are not available but the good news is the shop has reopened with new Holiday inspired fragrances in both the Body and Hair Mist formula as well as in the scrubs, whipped soap, and wax melts/tarts.

Let’s take a look!


Urban Decay Friends & Family 2014 Coupon Code

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette Fall 2014

Enjoy 20% off your total at using promo code UDFANATICS14 now through 10/19 and enjoy free shipping on orders of $50 or more. The coupon also works on sale and clearance items so you can snag the Pulp Fiction Palette for $12.80 (it’s on sale for $16) after the discount!

Happy Shopping!



Hey there!

How are you guys doing this week?

I just got back from CA early this morning so I haven’t had much time to get things going on the blog today. But no worries, I’ll be back to a regular schedule by tomorrow! There’s plenty of good stuff I have upcoming from Holiday Collections as well as the other new goodies upcoming.

It’s nice to go away but sometimes it’s really NICE getting back home and to a regular schedule.

Looking forward to bringing you the latest and greatest in beauty.

I missed ya!