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Shu Uemura Memorial Day Sale 20% Off Coupon Code

shu sale

Shu Uemura has 20% off your total plus Free Shipping if you dish out $50 or more.

I need a new curler anyway so here’s a good time to indulge.

Shop it this weekend, up until the 28th, using promo code SHUMEM at



Yankee Candle Man Candles

Yankee Candle Man Candles 1

I don’t technically know when the candle makers of the world are going to wake up and realize that yes, some of us would totally buy a freshly pumped gas scented candle, there’s irony in here somewhere, flame, candle..yeah..irony.

Yup, I like the smell of gas, sue me.

There are some odd smells out there that just rock (Demeter has successfully captured some). Chalk, gas, leather, a really old book from the library or a used book sale ya know the ones with yellow and cracking pages, oh and let’s not forget fresh from the copy machine copies!

Yankee Candle now has Man Candles. Yup, Man Candles.

And I’m delighted that one of the scents is 2 x 4, man Home Depot and wood, that’s a great scent.


Disappointing Drugstore Makeup? OMG Brilliant Drugstore Makeup!

worst and best

I think we can all agree drugstore makeup has evolved into something we can actually use and enjoy over the past few years. There was a time in my beauty life where I felt like if I walked into a drugstore the roof would come tumbling down on my head.

Let’s face it, drugstore makeup sucked a few years ago….!

As of late though, things have definitely gotten better and there are so many incredible deals to be had.

So what’s one of your most (only one) disappointing picks from the drugstore?

And what’s one of your OMG this is incredible, I can’t live without it picks from the drugstore?

Here are mine!


the Balm at Nordstrom

the balm nordstrom

Nordstrom has been stepping up its beauty game in a major way lately. Hey, not that it was lacking but I love all the newer brands they are introducing.

Now you can get the Balm at Nordstrom too!

the Balm is now carried at plus you can take advantage of their Free Shipping to you or back if you dislike something you order.

the Balm, cool shipping, just two more great reasons to love Nordies.

P.S. How’s your week going?


Too Faced The Naked Look 500 Perk Alert at Sephora

Too Faced The Naked Look

Have you snagged your Too Faced The Naked Look Palette?

It’s the latest 500 perk from Sephora.

It contains:


  • Pink Cheeks
  • Lap Dance


  • Shimmer Veil


  • Pink Swan
  • Air Kiss

It’s probably one of the nicest perks I’ve seen from Sephora in a while.

Stores do have it in stock or at least two stores here in New York I’ve been to in the last few weeks do (34th Street Sephora as well as Broadway)!