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Did You Know You Can Get the Muse in Your Mailbox?

Not literally…

Sorry, gone are the days that I’d wrap myself in bubble wrap and ship myself off to you, pop out of the box, and yell “SURPRISE! Let’s sit on the couch, paint each others nails, organize our shadows by shades, and watch Game of Thrones together!”

I’m getting old…I can’t be shipped out via mail as often as I’d like anymore. I might break a hip.

But you can get me in your e-mail box.

All my posts are generated daily and shipped off in a neat and friendly newsletter so you can click through at your leisure and see what’s new and happening at Musings of a Muse.

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Nifty right?



Musings of the Day: Hair Chalkin’ is a Trendin’ for Summer, Will You Be Checking It Out?

I’ve used Bloody Mary eyeshadow as hair chalk in the past because it’s fun for weekends but I can’t come into my office and see clients with a hot pink or orange streaks in my hair.

Sometimes I have to remember I’m a grown up.

Also, hair dye can damage hair terribly…so hair chalkin’ is such a great way to embrace the trend without killing your hair.

Good news if you like embracing funky fun trends with your hair, hair chalk is trending for your Summer looks!


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Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!

Good morning!

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I’m avoiding this one less I get into a ton of trouble.

Have fun.

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