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Tarina Tarantino Beauty Dollskin Cheek Palette

Tarina I can’t be held responsible for wanting to kiss you on the mouth for creating uber brilliant blush palettes.

Your Dollskin Cheek Palette? It’s stupid awesome. Everyone needs it.



Cherry Culture 20% Off Coupon Code for October

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Sephora Beauty Roulette

Spin the wheel, where it stops is anyone’s guess…well maybe it’ll stop on get free goodies from Sephora!

How simple and sweet it is!

Sephora Beauty Roulette is a new “game” that can be played at by simply entering your e-mail address and virtually spinning their roulette wheel.

Your spin will entitle you to free deluxe samples, shipping, even 10% off if you get so lucky! After spinning the wheel Sephora will alert you to your winner haul and send you a promo code via e-mail that can be used with your next order to collect your goodie.

The best part?

You can play once a day and try for the prizes you really, really want…like 10% off!



Dear Bath & Body Works, How About a Little Lambie Love This Year?

Last year, to my utter devastation, Bath & Body Works did not introduce its Lambie Collection.

Hold me please. I get all chocked up thinking about it.

Bath & Body Works has officially launched its Holiday Shop and knowing them they have alot more coming than you are currently seeing online and in stores. They normally start slowly by tempting and teasing you with their Holiday Traditions like Twisted Peppermint and than they slowly creep in with other offerings…

I’m hopeful those other offerings will include my beloved Lambie Slippers, Blanket, and Accessories.

Are you a Lambie fan?

Miss it?

Hope to see it back this year?

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