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The Bath & Body Works Cork & Vine Candle Conundrum

So I got my Bath & Body Works Fall Haul this week! I ordered a bunch of candles and other goodies online using their 20% off promo code because I couldn’t wait to get to a store and also because I wanted to avoid too aggressive sales peeps!

One of my top picks from the Fall 2015 Collection was the Cork & Vine Candle Collection which was a selection of wine inspired fragrances. Now these sounded positively gorgeous plus add in the fact they had a Black Cherry Merlot Candle and I was in heaven! So I got out my credit card, placed my ordered, and waited patiently for it to arrive.

And man was I disappointed!


The Bathing Garden Scare Collection for Halloween 2015

bathing garden halloween 2015

The Bathing Garden Scare Collection for Halloween 2015 was listed earlier last month but the weather has been so warm I decided to wait to post about it. I also tend to like to wait to order since tarts don’t really ship well in 85+ degree weather!

The good news is the Bathing Garden now has not only the Halloween 2015 Collection live but two other collections which are all available for purchase now. Typically they’d update the site for 24 to 48 hours, you’d order, and patiently await that order. Now the items remain on the site a good deal longer so it looks like the Scare Collection will be up and available for a while before being taken down as well as the other two collections!

Keep in mind when ordering that your order can take up to six weeks to arrive so ordering now is a good time to get your order in time for Halloween burning!

Take a look at what’s on offer!


Major Lipstick Queen Sale

lipstick queen sale

There’s a Lipstick Queen Flash Sale on at the moment! How long it will be on or when it expires I don’t know so head over the to take advantage as it is pretty rare to see the brand on sale!

Some of the sale items available:

  • Lipstick Queen Red Carpet Edit $27.50
  • Lipstick Queen Three to Thrill Chinatown Mini Glossy Pencil Trio $14
  • Lipstick Queen Liquid Assets $19
  • Lipstick Queen Dancing Queen $19

Happy Shopping!


Staycation Beauty and Makeup Picks

staycation beauty makeup

I typically go away a few times a year but I save my big vacation for the Summer. This year, I decided I wanted to do a bigger vacation in the Fall versus one in the Summer so I’ve had a ton of smaller trips this Summer but not a big two week or more getaway.

Some of of my Summer getaways were road trips, others were by plane, and one was even by train!

If you’re anything like me and either decided to do a Fall vacation, just haven’t had the time in your schedule for a Summer vacation, or perhaps you had a really busy Summer and need a break this would be a great time plan a weekend Staycation. Just pick one day, maybe a lazy Saturday, where you stay at home, binge watch your fav show, read a book, watch a movie, spend a few hours wasting away playing Batman Arkham Knight, just do something you and you alone enjoy doing! Make it an indulgence, spoil yourself, and don’t forget some of these Staycation Beauty and Makeup Picks.


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