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Soho Beauty & the Beauty Makeup Bags for Summer 2015

Soho Beauty & the Beauty Makeup Bags1

Soho Beauty & The Beauty Makeup Bags have launched for Summer 2015 at Walgreens and dare I say these are probably my favorite bags yet from the Soho Beauty Disney Collections! Of course, that could be because I adore Beauty and the Beast (it’s my fav Disney movie!)! There are three bag designs each featuring Belle and one that even features Belle and Beast in his human form (So rare as you always get Belle and the Beast in most depictions). Prices range from $9.99 to $7.99 for each bag!

This display also has four lip balms from a company called Townley Girl. This are subtly tinted balms in strawberry, rose, peach, and lemon flavors featuring cutesy silhouettes of Belle, the beast, and characters like Mrs Potts from the movie! These are $1.99 each and obviously created with younger girls in mind but I never said I was mature so I kinda sorta wanted them!

See more photos below!


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Bath & Body Works Cork & Vine Candle Collection

bath and body works cork and vine candles

Thanks to my reader Jessica who e-mailed me about the Bath & Body Works Cork & Vine Candle Collection listing on E-bay that includes, wait for it, drum roll please…BLACK CHERRY MERLOT! OMG! I love the hand soap and I know many of you adore it as much as I do so when I heard it would be made into candle I seriously died.

I don’t wanna pay $22.50 plus shipping for a single candle but I am sincerely tempted. I wonder when Bath & Body Works will officially launch this collection in stores.

I do know that some test candles don’t always make it into stores let’s hope Black Cherry Merlot isn’t one of those!


H&M Launches New Makeup Collection for Fall 2015

H&M Makeup Fall 2015

H&M is stepping up its beauty game come Fall 2015 as they release a brand new selection of H&M Makeup come Fall ranging in prices from $2.99 to $24.99. But wait, this isn’t all about beauty as H&M will also have haircare, body care, and even beauty tools coming to H&M stores.


In My Beauty Horror Story….

In My Beauty Horror Story

I’d be racing down a dark, cold corridor in a old Gothic house because I realized I forgot….