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Do You Apply Foundation All Over Your Face?

foundation application

Curious minds, do you apply foundation all over your face? Whenever I’m watching a youTube guru prep his or her face and they start blending foundation all over their face, onto their forehead, etc…I literally cringe. It’s not how I personally do it. Although it’s of course, depending on the coverage you personally need but the idea of foundation on my forehead seriously makes me break out into hives! I think I’d like be an oily mess if I applied liquid foundation or BB Cream on my forehead.

I typically don’t apply foundation all over my face, do you?


Do You Buy Backup Makeup?

limited edition makeup

You know the evil allure of limited edition makeup and beauty that makes you want to buy a backup or two or three? I know that feeling well. You put limited edition on anything be it makeup (or something else entirely) and suddenly my evil hoarding ways come out to play!

Unfortunately in recent years I think “limited edition” has become somewhat used and abused. It’s very casually tossed around in the makeup and beauty world and most products labeled with it aren’t truly limited edition as they are either around for ages or they get repromoted somehow.

If you like something, like say a lipstick shade that does launch with some limited edition MAC Collection I think you’ll be compelled to what to grab a backup. Because really if that gorgeous lipstick makes you feel and look amazing who wouldn’t want a back up?

Do you buy backup makeup?


Disney Makeup and Beauty Picks for Disney Fans!

disney makeup
disney beauty makeup
frozen makeup

For the Disney fans might I present a selection of Disney Makeup and Beauty Picks that are sure to put a smile on your face?

Whether you’re a Frozen fan, a traditional Minnie one, or perhaps an Evil Villain one you’re bound to find some great picks in this round up of Disney Makeup and Beauty Picks!


OCC Mad Love Lip Tar & Stain Gloss Trio Set for Valentine’s Day

OCC Mad Love Lip Tar & Stain Gloss Trio

OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) Mad Love Lip Tar & Stain Gloss Trio Set ($39.50) is a new trio of OCC’s popular Lip Tar and Stained Glosses in a trio of Valentine ready shades to give your lips a pop of gorgeous color!

This trio includes three different shades, three different finishes (matte, metallic, and glossy), and two different formulas to work with! You can wear each shade individually or mix and match them up to create other unique and interesting shades!

You get:

  • Jealous Stained Gloss (Red-orange shellac)
  • Psycho Lip Tar (Matte) (True blood red)
  • Role Play Lip Tar (Metallic) (Deep maroon with red pearl)
  • #010 Precision Lip Brush

The OCC Mad Love Lip Tar & Stain Gloss Trio Set for Valentine’s Day is available now at

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Cinderella Compact Mirror (Live Action Film) for Disney Fans!

Cinderella Compact Mirror

Remember the amazing Disney compact mirrors that released from Sephora with their Disney Princess Collections?

They were stunning pieces.

You can relive some of that gorgeous accessory glory with this new Cinderella Compact Mirror that launched at in celebration of the Live Action Film!

Plus you won’t believe the price!