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Win It: NYX Luscious Lip Palette

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NYX Luscious Lip Palette


I haven’t given anything away lately so I think today should be dedicated to giveaways! Whatcha think?

So brace yourself for an entire day of chances to win some great makeup and goodies!



New in Beauty from TokiDoki, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Lorac, and More….

Tokodoki Lorac Smashbox

Take a spin through what’s popping up this week from your favorite brands!

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Feel free to share what new beauty that you’ve seen this week! =-)

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Stila Glamour Eyes Mascara

Stila Cosmetics

Stila Glamour Eyes is the newest mascara from Stila….



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Laura Geller Tropic Hues Blush n Brighten Review and Swatches

MAC Stereo Rose really got us all worked into a foaming frenzy. Phew! That was a great run wasn’t it? If you failed to get Stereo Rose I do suggest grabbing Laura Geller Tropic Hues Blush n Brighten. It’s not Stereo Rose but it’s just as gorgeous and delicious and could possibly fill that empty void of missing out.

Laura Geller Tropic Hues Blush n Brighten 1



Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Collection

Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Collection

I know, I know, I know….

You hate celeb fragrances!

Totally can relate. I’m not super keen on them myself but on occasion I honestly don’t mind, hello Harajuku Lovers! Now I gotta say Mariah Carey kinda irks me for some reason or another, so NOT a fan, but when I seen the new Mariah Carey Lollipop Bling Perfumes I noticed my ear cocked up and my nose began to twitch. I needed to know more about these and my nose definitely needed a little sniffle. I mean lollipop? That’s so very ME! I love sweet, candy scents!

Recently I decided to rekindle my romance with Miss Dior Cherie (I have a love/hate relationship with it) and took myself off to Macy’s to get a new bottle. As I was browsing I heard a squeal and turned to see my friend Jai madly misting himself madly with a bright bottle. Yup, you guessed it, Lollipop Bling fragrances were being misted around crazily. Needless to say I only casually sniffed the bottles and didn’t get as crazy as Jai did since I didn’t want to dish out $35 each (yo, pokemon crazy collector disease) after shelling out $100 for my bottle of Cherie. I wish I had paid more attention because my initial reaction to the scent wasn’t particularly “OMG I need these” and I can’t really go by Jai’s reaction because he’s Mariah’s fan girl.


Now after browsing online I kinda wanna take a closer look and smell but I do admit one thing annoys me….