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MAC Alice + Olivia Collection Photos

MAC Alice + Olivia Collection

MAC Alice + Olivia will be out July 8th.

Hmmm maybe we should just have direct deposit set up for MAC from our paychecks…what do you think?



Do Not Want: Philosophy 64 oz Vanilla Birthday Cake Shower Gel

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake

Dear Philosophy,

Me and you, we have chemistry, we have a connection babe. We’ve been friends for a long time now and we’ve gone through alot of highs and lows right?

So it should be ok that I address the issue of your QVC Today’s Special Value.


I hate to be the one to break it to you.

But no one wants 64 ounces of Vanilla Birthday Cake in their shower. WTH? Don’t build our hopes up for Today’s Special Value and proceed to offer us enough shower gel to bath a small city with. Don’t you know anything about me (us) at all? You know we love variety, you know we can’t be true to a single shower gel for THAT long! How do you expect us to get through that big a shower gel? We may like it today but tomorrow we’ll be on to the next best thing….we can’t commit to 64 ounces, it’s simply too MUCH!

I’m sorry but DO NOT WANT a 64 oz Shower Gel.

Next anniversary can we get something a bit more special?

k, thanks.

Love you!

P.S. I got a sample of Vanilla Birthday Cake and it doesn’t even smell that great. Dude, talk about rubbing salt in an open wound…ouch!

P.S.S. If for some strange reason you DO need a big ass shower gel you can get yours from


The 10th still makes an appearance on my desk!


MAC Dare to Wear Collection Product Photos and Information

MAC Dare to Wear 6

More MAC to get excited about this week!

Have you seen the new MAC Dare to Wear Collection?

MAC Dare to Wear 7



MAC Haute & Naugthy Lash Mascara

mac MAC Haute Naugthy lash mascara

MAC Haute & Naugthy Lash Mascara launches at the end of Summer, don’t know a ton about it but loving all over the packaging….go MAC!

Since I’ve had some success with MAC Opulash, I’m willing to give MAC Haute & Naugthy Lash Mascara a go!

How about you?

Any success stories with Opulash?