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New in Beauty: Philosophy Salt Water Taffy Shower Gel

Philosophy Salt Water Taffy Shower Gel

Ahhh Atlantic City! My favorite playground and a mere three hour ride away from Manhattan! It’s like having a mini-Vegas located right across the bridge.

The ocean, the gambling, the incredibly awesome shoppin’, Hooters, god I love the tackiness of Hooters…

Loves it!

One thing that gets me thinkin’ Atlantic City is Salt Water Taffy.



Beauty News: Soap & Glory No Longer Available At Target Come September

Beauty News

Stop the press.

I nearly sobbed myself silly when I read this beauty news.



Win It: A Complete Set of Avon Glazewear

The following giveaway is now closed and a winner has been selected. Thank you for joining in!

Avon Glazewear 1

So you’ve heard all about the joys of Avon Glazewear!

Now’s your chance to win a complete set of Avon Glazewear for yourself. Yup, a ton of shades, a ton of finishes, and a ton of gloss, just for you.

Love it?

Jump ahead to enter to win!


Musings of the Day: Are You a Skincare Cheater?

Skincare Cheating

Most times we go through life never changing certain things about our existence. For example, chances are you’ve been banking with the very same bank you’ve done business with for the last 10 or more years. There isn’t any reason to change a bank really right? You pick one, you start doing your banking, and chances are you never bother changing it for some other bank….

Alot of tiny things like this fall into out daily routines…heck even skincare sometimes becomes something we rarely change. We pick a brand and most times we stick with it because it’s what works best for us.

Do you mix and match brands?

Or do you stick with one brand and just use everything from the brand…..

Say your skincare is Lancome do you have Lancome Night Cream and Lancome Eye Cream and Lancome Cleanser…etc…etc…

Or are you completely unfaithful to your brand and simply use a night cream from Philosophy and a cleanser from MAC and maybe you throw in a daily moisturizer from Shu.

Question is, are you a skincare cheater?

Jump to see if I’m cheating on my skincare!