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Yay or Nay: Roll Away Wrinkles, Puff, and Dark Circles

Rolling your way to a wrinkle-free, puff-free, dark-free under eye area seems to be the order of business lately. Brands are really getting on board using rollers to entice you to roll away wrinkles, dark circles, and puff. Perhaps its the ease of use or the mess-free application that appeals to some or maybe we just associate rolling with smoothing something out which leads us to believe rolling around our eye area will be the cure all super smooth skin.

Whatever the case may be the beauty world is being taking over by roller treatments lately. Here are a few that have captured my interest lately.

I honestly never have great success with roller treatments but it never stops me from wanting to try ’em anyway in the hopes I’ll have super success.

What do you think of roller eye treatments, serums, and moisturizers?

Yay or Nay?

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New in Beauty: E.L.F. Beauty Boost Kit

E.L.F. Beauty fans check it.

Grab the new E.L.F. limited edition Beauty Boost Kit which contains $620 worth of goodies for a mere $20 bucks!

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Musings of the Day: Awwww Does It Have To Come Off?

You ever create thee PERFECT makeup look that just looks good on you all day?



Vincent Longo Friends and Family 2010 30% Off Coupon Code

Yes, Vincent Longo is still very much alive and kickin’!

You can snag some now during the Vincent Longo Friends and Family Event. Take 30% off your total using promo code VFLIRT.

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Beauty Blast from the Past: Jouer Cosmetics

Anyone up for stepping through our beauty past?

Check out a Beauty Blast from the Past in Jouer Cosmetics!


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