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Beauty Battle: The Skin Food Wash Off Masks Versus Lush Skincare Masks

Let me tell you a story…..hopefully you like these long stories I get into. Ok, so I’m a big Lush skin care fan but lately I’ve been cheating with Korean brand, the Skin Food. This stuff is really great for my skin and I’ve been using it’s super power human strength to make my skin glow.

One thing I’ve never been too big a fan with when it comes to Lush is their face masks. I love some of the interesting promises that the masks make but I’ve never actually experienced the benefits for myself after using them. They are nice to have items but I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing incredible, awe aspiring results from ‘em!

I discovered The Skin Food Face Masks and I swear I can’t live without this good stuff! Now we’re talking results!

I’ve pitted The Skin Food Wash Off Masks against Lush Face Masks in a Beauty Battle. It’s easy enough to see who’ll win this battle but take the jump to find out for yourself!


Too Faced La Vie En Rose Blush: Too Faced Glamour Revolution

Too Faced made the executive decision to release La Vie En Rose Blush with it’s Spring Collection, smart move Too Faced, smart move. The blush was originally introduced in the Too Faced Glamour Revolution palette and now is available full size as one of the Too Faced Brightening Blush colors.


Jump for a quick view and swatches of La Vie En Rose’s first appearance in the Too Faced Glamour Revolution Palette.


MAC Prep for Colour Collection Photos

MAC Prep for Colour Collection will release April 1st and consist of  brand new MAC Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancers that sport an SPF 35.  This, my friends, I can get on board with!

Check it!


Sneak Peek: MAC Too Fabulous Collection Photos

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for MAC Ice Cream!

A delicious makeup collection from MAC coming atcha March 4th. MAC Too Fabulous seems to reign in the realms of MAC Sugar Sweet released around the same time last year. Instant replay? Maybe but I think it’s just as fabulous as it’s name!

Check it after the jump!


Smashbox Summer Collection 2010: Smashbox Cinderella Makeup Collection

Alice isn’t the only Disney character grabbing some love this season. Smashbox will be introducing a new Spring Makeup Collection inspired by…….Cinderella?

Don’t get yourself to into a huff and puff over cute packaging and little mouses that sing because this collection is pure sophistication and elegance.