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Want It: Lush Serum Bars

I want a serum bar. Say what Muse? A cereal bar? No, a serum bar! I want a Lush Serum Bar!



Happy Birthday Philosophy!

Who knew Philosophy was 14 years old? Awww just entering it’s teen years now which means it’ll probably start fixating which team it should play on, Jacob or Edward, it’ll also just start to dabble in makeup (it has plenty to choose from being it’s own brand and all), and it’ll of course turn mall crawling into an art form as most teens do.

Damn I miss being a teen…oh wait I do all this stuff already anyway! Guess you don’t have to turn 14 to enjoy this stuff.

But Happy Birthday Philosophy and many, many more to come.

The best news about Philosophy’s birthday is you don’t have to worry about getting them a gift because they are actually giving the gift to you!

In celebration of it’s birthday philosophy is launching a brand new instant win game that will run from March 1st to March 31st, hey pullin’ out all the stops, it’s a month long b-day for Philosophy.

Visit daily for a chance to win great instant win game prizes and to be entered for a chance to win the grand prize which is a $1000 shopping spree on

Dude, seriously what would you buy at Philosophy with $1000 bucks?!

Good Luck!

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Beauty Most Unusual: VAJAZZLING

Talking about my vagina…OMG did I just say the V word? So sorry ’bout that but talking about that…ahem…area is strictly off limits when it comes to my beauty blog but I can make the exception when it comes to beauty most unusual.

Remember the Bedazzler?

How about a Vajazzler?



Beauty Muse: Drugstore Foundation

Wanna Beauty Muse Drugstore Foundation with me?   This is such a hard one because I swear I can take drugstore foundation and make it so much better.

How would you improve drugstore foundation?



Beauty Confessions: Hairy Situations

We all have flaws that bother us. Some folks have skin woes, some want to lose weight, some hate their unruly hair, etc…..As women we nitpick our features apart and yearn to change everything and anything.

But let’s get really personal and discuss hair. As in confess hairy situations……