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Reader Review: Beauty from the Earth Minerals Review

I first heard of BFTE from YouTube videos. After I heard the name once, it seemed to be dropping everywhere in cyberspace. I shrugged it off at first…until I saw Tangerine and Lemon. I had been looking for the perfect vibrant yellow and orange. And there they were, at $6.50 a pop.
Ordering was simple, and the products came fast. The hard part was choosing from over 250 colors. It was my first experience with any mineral company, so I researched how to apply them, and what colors were favored.
I ended up ordering ten for $50, and the Color of the Week, which retails for $2. The colors I purchased were Tangerine, Lemon, Dragon, Mermaid, Peacock, Kou, Fire Dancer, Grape, Atlantis, Whisper, and Big Island.
Some were a hit, and some left a little to be desired.
The duo tones were, and still are, my favorites. I love the idea of having two shades in one. The color reflexes work well with each other and create a beautiful shades and contoured look without even having to try. Those shdes were Dragon, Mermaid, Peacock, and Whisper–the first three being my favorites out of the entire purchase.
Next, I sampled the Hawaii collection. These are all PACKED with shimmer. Though it isn’t glitter, it still IS a mineral shadow, and it will fall out with these. They are beautiful colors, but do dull down as time wears on. It is noticeable when they are applied wet. The vivid appearance loses it’s light. These shades are Fire Dancer, Kou, and Big Island. I found Fire Dancer to be a gorgeous color, but not the right shade for me. I’d recommend it for blue eyes.
Though not matte, Tangerine, Atlantis, Grape and Lemon are neither glittery, duotone or all that shimmery. They do have a slight sheen. Tangerine and Lemon are both very pigmented, but ended up not being the perfect shades I’d thought them to be. Tangerine is bright, but it isn’t a true orange. It leans more towards orange-aid. Lemon has a metallic-like sheen that makes it appear almost light green on the lid. A friend of mine even asked me one day, “are you wearing green and orange eyeshadow?” Grape is a nice color; it’s wonderful for lining or as a crease color.
Overall the shadows were a good buy. I would have switched some colors looking back, but it was a good first experience. They are all highly pigmented, so they are perfect for the girls who love intense and bright shadows. I suggest applying them wet for the most extreme effect, especially the duotones. They blend well and it is very easy to create winning looks with the amount of selection available.
I have not tried them as nailpolish. I have, however, tried Fire Dancer as a sparkling, pinky-red lipcolor and it looked amazing!
These are for the adventurous makeup lovers who want to stand out. They do require some cleanup if you’re using a shimmering or glittery shade, but that’s pretty average with mineral shadows.

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Reader Review: Kanebo Cream Finish Foundation Review

Loveeee this!!!
I have tried a lot of foundations from different brands… this is THE ONE for me..I am so glad I have found this

-easy to blend
-gives good coverage without needing to pile up a lot
-the finish is more of creamy ( makes my face glow?? ) after I put this on my skin feels so moisturized and healthy
-they have reasonably wide range of color selections : I think they have 9 ( maybe more ) I wear CF204.5 and it suits my olive NC35-40 really really well

-it doesn’t come with pumps so you need to use a spatula but that doesn’t bother me
-kinda expensive : in UK it is around £30 so it is not exactly cheap but I think it is worth it and I bought it on ebay and cost me around US$15 only
-it doesn’t control oil really well so you will need to use a primer and set it with powder… I don’t really set it with powder in winter since my skin is dry during winter
-it has mineral oil ( I don’t really care…but for those who does this might not be one for them )

overall I think this is a really great product since it gives really nice glow finish and my face doesn’t look like I have applied a lot of foundation ( some ppl didnt know I have foundation even lol )

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New in Beauty: Avon Smooth Minerals Lip Tint

It was only a matter of time before Avon caught the tinted lip bug craze. Not everyone is up for dishing out $22 or more dollars on a sheer lipstick so if Bobbi Brown Lip Treatment and NARS Sheer Lip Treatment just aren’t in your beauty budget right now, have no fear, Avon is here to save the day!



Beauty Most Unusual: An Unusual Lip Gloss

At first glance 2 Love My Lips Lip Gloss is your typical range of lip gloss in a few interesting shades. Mind you, its an indie brand I’ve never heard of but you know the Muse, boldly going where no Muse has gone before in the beauty world.

But….don’t let that typical lip gloss look full you! 2 Love My Lips Gloss has something a little bit different about it!



Welcome to the New Musings of a Muse

Morning chicks!

Looks like we started our journey over the hump today and the weekend will soon be here. Phew, thank god! I need a little R&R.

After loading up Musings of a Muse in your browser this morning you may have noticed a brand new look. I wanted to go ahead and introduce you to some of the fun new features on Musings in this intro post.

If you look to your left hand side I have some new icon options for you. There are two important icons here which are Daily Dose of Beauty and Submit Your Own Review.

Daily Dose of Beauty is a brand category that won’t appear on the front page but will simply be available if you mosey on over and click the icon. It’ll be updated daily with new products, beauty tidbits, and other fun stuff. If you already subscribe to Musings via RSS, you’ll be alerted automatically of new updates to this part of my blog.

Now here’s the really exciting part! Submit Your Own Review is another new feature here and yes, easy to guess, its all about submitting your own review to Musings. I really love reading all your comments and thoughts on a product but I also wanted to give you a way to express your very own unique, individual review of products you are loving or hating at the moment. Simply click Submit a Review and you’ll be magically whisked away to a form that will allow you to submit your own lovely review. I hope you’ll enjoy this feature. I’ve wanted to have something like this on Musings for a long time and finally I can bring it to you.

Although its not new I wanted to just take a moment to tell you the categories are available on the left hand side of the blog now. I know when I visit blogs I love to have a long list of fun stuff to read through. These categories offer you the option to search through posts by brand, by review type, and many other ways to enjoy reading Musings.

A new widget has been installed on the right hand side of the blog now as well. This is where you can view my most popular posts, recent posts, recently reviewed products, and also recent comments. This is a handy tool for catching up on what’s going on around here.

And finally the right side also features the new As Seen by the Muse category (aka Daily Photo) you can click on this and enjoy a new photo daily. Could be beauty, could be me moblogging something that caught my eye, or something I’m currently obsessing over. You can visit and view the picture and even comment on it if you like.

I also have some other features that will be live shortly which will include a makeup gallery, a possible forum, and a few other bits and bobs.

I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy these new features. I know some of you expressed you aren’t loving the new design but I’m hopeful you’ll give it a chance and grow to love it.

Have fun exploring and by all means let me know what you think!

Talk soon!